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  1. tiff 2016
    Raw and 15 Other Horror Movies That Physically Sickened AudiencesA timeline of movies that have sent theater patrons running, or vomiting, toward the exit doors.
  2. tiff 2016
    Jackie Is Officially Coming This Awards SeasonPortman is back, baby!
  3. tiff 2016
    Watch an Exclusive Clip From Sadako vs. KayakoThe spectral villains of Ringu and Ju-on fight to the eternal death.
  4. tiff 2016
    Go Inside Vulture’s American Honey Party at TIFFWe helped throw the sweetest party of the festival’s opening weekend.
  5. tiff 2016
    Birth of a Nation Got a Standing Ovation at TIFFLast night’s premiere seemed to prove that questions about Nate Parker matter more to the media than the movie-going public.
  6. toronto film festival 2016
    Gabrielle Union on Birth of a Nation, Kaepernick“Did I leave this job in a better place than when I started?”
  7. dream big
    Anne Hathaway Loves the DC Universe, Says Anne HathawayCan someone get this girl a Catwoman solo film?
  8. toronto film festival 2016
    Chris Pratt Talks Adorable Nonsense About The Magnificent Seven“There’s seven of us, and we’re fucking magnificent.”
  9. trailer mix
    The Promise Trailer: Love, War, and Oscar BaitA love triangle is born amid the Armenian genocide.
  10. tiff 2016
    Fassbender Cringes Watching Himself As Magneto“I just think it’s me shouting.” And other things we learned at his Toronto Film Festival retrospective. 
  11. tiff 2016
    25 of the Most Anticipated Movies at the 2016 Toronto Film FestivalFeaturing Lupita Nyong’o, Anne Hathaway, and Denzel Washington.