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Tiger Woods

  1. vulture sports
    Tiger Woods Hospitalized After Rollover Car Crash in L.A.He is recovering from a surgery on his right leg and ankle, according to a statement.
  2. hbo
    In Tiger, a Portrait of a Phenom Who Was Never Allowed to Be a KidA two-part HBO documentary shows the toll of an overbearing father and life as a golf prodigy.
  3. Tiger Woods Says DUI Was a Result of Prescription Medication, Not Alcohol“I didn’t realize the mix of medications affected me so strongly.”
  4. Tiger Woods Charged for Driving Under the Influence in FloridaThe golf legend was arrested early Monday morning.
  5. adventures
    Man Threw Hot Dog at Tiger Woods Because of Drive, Obviously“As soon as the movie ended, I thought to myself, ‘I have to do something courageous and epic.’”
  6. chat room
    Iron Man 2’s Garry Shandling on Conan, Leno, Tiger“I like to talk on the cell when I do interviews. That way, I double my chances of getting brain cancer: from the cell phone, and from the questions.”
  7. late night
    Tobey Maguire Owes Tracy Morgan $75Tracy Morgan confirms an Internet rumor on ‘The Daily Show With Stew-Beef.’
  8. chat room
    Donald Trump Weighs In on Woods, James Scandals“Everyone who got caught up in an affair seems to be entering rehab. I never entered rehab.”
  9. that’s infotainment!
    ‘Babble On’: Good for You, Ricky Martin!Mainstays Jesse James and Tiger Woods are back, but Ricky Martin’s sexuality makes its (long-expected) debut into our week in infotainment!
  10. last night on late night
    Late Night: Rockapella Does ItPlus Charles Barkley hated Avatar on our regular late-night roundup.
  11. cartoons
    South Park’s Season Premiere Will Not Be Tiger Woods’s Favorite EpisodeParker and Stone take on another “sacred” topic.
  12. performances of the week
    ‘Performances of the Week’: Tiger and Your Ideal ManA Flying Tomato, a guy who used to be in the News, a man your man could smell like, and more!
  13. mad men
    Mad Men’s Matthew Weiner Gets Publicly AnalyzedLook for Tiger Woods to possibly be a vague influence on season four.
  14. quote machine
    Joe Jonas Is a Blank SlatePlus: Todd Phillips, director of ‘The Hangover,’ has a plan for Tiger Woods.
  15. i wrote a protest song about you
    Domestic-Violence Group ‘Horrified’ by SNL’s Tiger Woods SketchOur main beef with it was that it could’ve been funnier.