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  1. allegations
    Drake Bell’s Ex-Girlfriend Melissa Lingafelt Accuses Him of Physical AbuseSeveral more women have come forward.
  2. sotw
    Alt and Straight TikTok Both Agree on Rapper PpcocaineHere’s how not one, not two, but three ppcocaine songs went viral on TikTok at the same time.
  3. extremely online
    TikTok Is Reportedly Suing the Trump AdministrationTry making a dance challenge out of this.
  4. explainers
    TikTok Has 45 Days Until … What, Exactly?A breakdown for those of us having a breakdown over the TikTok ban.
  5. extremely online
    Mariah Carey Put Her Son, Moroccan, in TikTok Timeout“I don’t know who you are, you don’t need to worry about me.”
  6. dance challenges
    It Took the Beyhive Less Than 24 Hours to Learn the ‘My Power’ ChoreographyGet loose, get loose, get low, get low.
  7. extremely online
    Claudia Conway Is Back and Raising Hell on TikTok for As Long As It ExistsShe has returned.
  8. extremely online
    TikTok Launches $200 Million Creator Fund for, Uh, SomethingIt’s unclear who will be eligible and how much money they will receive.
  9. my single is dropping
    Kylie Minogue Returns to the Dance Floor With New Song ‘Say Something’And joins TikTok!
  10. dance creds
    Of Course Jason Derulo’s New Song Comes With a TikTok ChallengeLet him “Take You Dancing.”
  11. tiktok
    TikTok VFX Star Julian Bass Did Not Have to CGI Himself an AgentThe 20-year-old will now be represented by ICM Partners.
  12. my remix is dropping
    Justin Bieber Is Rapping Again, This Time With ‘Whats Poppin’ RemixIt’s all part of Jack Harlow’s quest for a No. 1 hit.
  13. sotw
    Oh Lord, TikTok Has Found ‘Then Leave’ by BeatKing and Queendom ComeThe Houston rappers are going viral thanks to TikTokers like Lizzo.
  14. extremely online
    A Glitch Wreaked Havoc on TikTok TodayReps for Tik Tok say the glitch was caused due to “higher traffic than normal on our servers in Virginia.”
  15. extremely online
    Nicki Minaj’s Unreleased ‘New Body’ Verse Now Lives in Ubiquity on TikTokSorry to the rest of that Kanye West song.
  16. extremely online
    The Best High-School Drama You’re Not Watching Is on TikTokLet’s break down the clownery.
  17. sotw
    TikTok Really Might Make Jack Harlow’s ‘Whats Poppin’ Song of the (No) SummerOur TikTok song of the week goes to one of the year’s biggest sleeper hits.
  18. extremely online
    Kellyanne Conway’s Only Good Contribution to the World Is Her TikToker DaughterShe wants Trump gone and the cops who killed Breonna Taylor arrested.
  19. there's nothing like a dame
    Judi Dench Insists She’d Be Dead If It Weren’t for TikTok“It saved my life.”
  20. sotw
    TikTok Can’t Stop Making Videos With ‘Hood Baby’ by KBFRThe lyrics “Down South, hood baby” really are “makin’ all the girls go crazy.”
  21. sotw
    TikTok Made ‘Party Girl’ by StaySolidRocky a Top 40 Hit Without Him Even TryingBut it already had 2 million YouTube views before the Hype House found it.
  22. sotw
    Saint Jhn’s ‘Roses’ Got a Miraculous Chart Boost From TikTokIt’s the latest TikTok song you don’t know you know.
  23. sotw
    Kash Doll’s ‘Ice Me Out’ Has the TikTok Girlies Dancing Years After Its ReleaseFinally, a reason to dance, in this week’s TikTok song of the week.
  24. sotw
    TikTok’s ‘Wipe It Down’ Challenge Didn’t Start With the Song ‘Wipe It Down’Unpacking the origins of this week’s TikTok song of the week.
  25. reunions
    Hilary Duff and the Cheaper by the Dozen Cast Reunited on TikTokIncluding Bonnie Hunt!
  26. quarantine hobbies
    Jason Derulo’s TikTok Presence Has Gotten Out of ControlIt takes time, effort, and talent to be this corny.
  27. have you seen this?
    TikTok’s Aspiring Wes Anderson Just Had All Those Twee Props Laying Around“I’m such a sucker for little little trinkets and treasures.”
  28. the party don't stop
    Kesha, the Original TiK ToK Star, Re-creates Single Cover on TikTokDon’t stop, make it pop.
  29. bad bunny
    Bad Bunny Tried TikTok’s Abuela Challenge With His Mom and She Was Not Pleased“Safaera” isn’t quite safe for home.
  30. things that don't feel real
    Anthony Hopkins Hits the Toosie Slide, Remains IntactWords we never thought we’d write.
  31. coronavirus
    Escape Our Current Hell With These (Good) Coronavirus JokesThey say laughter is the best medicine.
  32. stay scheming
    Megan Thee Stallion Is Gunning for No. 1 With Another ‘Savage’ RemixBut Doja Cat is close behind.
  33. quarantuning
    An Accurate Representation of Quarantine Brain in One Music Video645AR’s “Yoga” video looks like what watching the news off a tab of acid feels like.
  34. tiktok
    The ‘Savage’ Remix Already Has a New TikTok Dance ChallengeThe creator dropped part two just hours after the song came out.
  35. animal crossing
    How Animal Crossing’s Singing Shih Tzu Took Over TikTokOne video has almost 3 million views.
  36. impersonations
    Ariana Grande Has Had It With All the ‘Ponytail TikTok Girls’Thank u, next.
  37. toosie slide
    The Masaka Kids Are the Undisputed Champions of the Toosie SlideWatch and learn.
  38. tiktok talk
    Cool Grandma Judi Dench Gets Into Quarantine TikTokShe really hits the choreography.
  39. extremely online
    The Best Songs TikTok Has RediscoveredDigging up TikTok’s hidden gems.
  40. parental controls
    TikTok Disables DMs for Users Under 16 One Day Before Charli D’Amelio’s BirthdayConvenient.
  41. stand-up
    John Mulaney Has Become the Muse of TikTok’s Makeup ArtistsIt’s a trend we couldn’t have predicted, but we are so glad it exists.
  42. quar goss
    TikTokers Charli D’Amelio and Lil Huddy (If You Don’t Know, Ask a Teen) Break UpThings are gonna be real awkward at the Hype House now.
  43. chart update
    Drake’s ‘Toosie Slide’ TikTok Scheme Pays Off, Gives Him Another No. 1 DebutAnd he breaks many, many records.
  44. sequestration
    The Jane Fonda Workout Is Back, KindaShe wants you to work out for the planet.
  45. extremely online
    How Drake Got a Viral TikTok Dance Challenge Before Even Dropping the SongDrake tries to harness the power of TikTok with “Toosie Slide.”
  46. the videodome
    Drake Is Thirsty for a Viral TikTok Dance in Music Video for ‘Toosie Slide’“Don’t you want to dance with me? I can dance like Michael Jack … son.”
  47. sad boi hours
    The Weeknd Gets a Billboard No. 1 and a Selena Gomez Shout-out in One Day“The Box” is unseated by the latest viral TikTok song.
  48. quarantuning
    It Only Took Five TikToks to Make Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Savage’ Go ViralMegan Thee Stallion’s song is taking over, thanks to a TikTok dance challenge.
  49. extremely online
    Influencer Sorry About That Racist Coronavirus TikTokMaybe it’s not corona time.
  50. psa
    Cool Mom Mariah Carey and Dem Babies Demonstrate the Correct Way to Wash HandsPlease look at her adorable children.
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