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Tim And Eric Awesome Show Great Job

  1. vulture lists
    The 30 Best Characters of Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show UniverseFor your health!
  2. chat room
    Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim on Bedtime Stories and Awesome Show’s Influence“There’s a lot of people trying to be weird out there on the internet, but we just stick to our guns.”
  3. Listen to Heidecker & Wood’s Seventies-ish Soft Rock Single, ‘What Else Is New?’It might be a parody. It might be an homage. It’s definitely cheesy.
  4. chat room
    Tim Heidecker on His-Not-So-Funny Movie, The ComedyPlus, what’s happening with the Awesome Show.
  5. tim and eric
    Watch Tim and Eric Wax Nostalgic About Their College YearsField trip to Wings! Who’s in?
  6. tim and eric
    Sift Through 66 Tim and Eric GIFsPrepare for your mind to be “sharted” (their words, not ours)!
  7. tim and eric’s billion dollar movie
    Watch Tim and Eric Misbehave on the Local NewsSo what will it take to give these guys their own recurring segment on Good Day Austin?
  8. tim and eric awesome show great job
    See a Tim and Eric–Themed Cartoon LineupPonytails, turtlenecks, and flip-flops, oh my! 
  9. comedy
    Watch a Fictional, Twisted PSA About ‘Naturally Beautiful Calves’Ever wish Designing Women were actually a really twisted Tim and Eric–style sketch about calves? Wish no more!
  10. hat crime
    Hatfight: Did SNL Steal a Sketch From Tim and Eric?“Cinco takes tiny hats very seriously and I don’t think that they’d have a sense of humor about making fun of those hats.”
  11. quote machine
    ‘Dammit!’: A Helpful, All-Purpose Exclamation Invented by Kiefer SutherlandPlus: ‘Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!’ is not all ooh-ma-ma’s.