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  1. trailer mix
    Frankenweenie Trailer: Tim Burton Reanimates Man’s Best FriendIt’s his new stop-motion movie.
  2. Tim Burton May Direct Pinocchio MovieWith Robert Downey Jr. in talks to star.
  3. What’s It Like to Go Clubbing With Tim Burton?Mark Wahlberg knows.
  4. clickables
    See a Supercut of All of Tim Burton’s MoviesEd Wood and Pee-wee Herman, together for the first time!
  5. clickables
    See Tim Burton’s Contribution to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day ParadeMeet B. Boy.
  6. the industry
    Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows Nabs Chloe MoretzShe’ll be joining a packed cast.
  7. the industry
    The Hunchback of Notre Dame Is Getting the Josh Brolin TreatmentTim Burton might be involved as well.
  8. clickables
    Read Disney’s 1976 Rejection Letter to Tim BurtonTim Burton: not a great speller.
  9. the industry
    Dark Shadows Circled by Bonham Carter, PfeifferTim Burton is about to reunite with two of his best leading ladies.
  10. clickables
    Watch a Very Short Robot Film by Tim BurtonLike the Rudolph Balloon, but cuter.
  11. chat room
    Helena Bonham Carter on The King’s Speech and Tim Burton, ‘the Father of My Bastards’She doesn’t mind his shrunken-head collection, because she doesn’t know where he keeps it.
  12. tim burton
    How’s Tim Burton’s Twitter-Written Story Going?A robot is saving Stainboy from the goo.
  13. party chat
    Tim Burton on Twilight and His Own Two Upcoming Vampire Movies“I think some things are just a phenomenon and that’s okay.”
  14. clickables
    Help Tim Burton Write a Short Story About Goo via TwitterMysterious, glowing goo!
  15. fangs
    Johnny Depp Opts to Play Vampire Rather Than Work With Kathryn BigelowAt the expense of being in Kathryn Bigelow’s new movie.
  16. The Finally Screenings: I Just Saw Beetlejuice For the First TimeIn The Finally Screenings, Alden Ford is watching comedy classics that, because he grew up in a cave in Alaska, he’s never seen before. These […]
  17. clickables
    See Weird Costume Tests From Tim Burton’s Scrapped SupermanExpect an exploratory call from Lady Gaga, Steve.
  18. pocalypsepocalypse
    Robopocalypse vs. Monsterpocalypse: Which DreamWorks Tentpole Will Keep Its Title?The revolution will not be televised, but the apocalypse will be filmed, and so: What to call it?
  19. exclusive
    Timur Bekmambetov and Tim Burton Want to Make Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter“I’ll be stunned if this isn’t sold and set up somewhere by end-of-day tomorrow — this is definitely Timur’s next movie.”
  20. movies
    See the Poem Tim Burton Wrote for Johnny DeppGet a room, dudes!
  21. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Panettiere, BurtonPlus: NBC picks up CIA pilot from ‘24’ producer.
  22. movies
    Watch Tim, a Stop-Motion Animation in the Style of Tim Burton“Timothy Gray wants to be just like Tim Burton when he grows up.”
  23. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Radcliffe, RaimiPlus: ‘Borat’ director teams with Jim Carrey on ‘Pierre Pierre.’
  24. angelina jolie
    Angelina Jolie Wants to Work With Tim BurtonAnd she very well might!
  25. the industry
    Industry Roundup: MonsterpocalypsePlus: USA orders ‘Common Law’ pilot.
  26. high art
    Lots of People Went to See Tim Burton at MoMALots of people went to see his art.
  27. the industry
    Industry Report: Will Smith, ‘Maleficent’Plus: Jennifer Beals nabs leading role in Fox pilot.
  28. reboots
    Tim Burton to Do a 3-D Addams FamilyHe’s rebooting the franchise in three dimensions and using stop-motion animation for Universal.
  29. movies
    Tim Burton’s Secret Formula, the ParodyPulling back the curtain on the wizard of odd.
  30. vulture lists
    15 Greatest Actor-Director PairsTim Burton, Johnny Depp, and ‘Alice in Wonderland’ inspire a list of the top fifteen collaborations of the last 25 years.
  31. the industry
    Justin Timberlake Joins Ex-Girlfriend Diaz in TeacherPlus: ‘Gilligan’s Island’ to be adapted for the big screen.
  32. quote machine
    Acting in New Russell Crowe Movie As Dangerous As Being Russell Crowe’s Hotel ClerkPlus: Opie displeased with probable obituary headline.
  33. chat room
    Helena Bonham Carter on Terrifying Children“The other day I was asked to play another Victorian serial killer … I said, ‘Oh, is that my type-cast thing now?”
  34. movies
    Watch Three More New Alice in Wonderland ClipsWith little character profiles of Helena, Johnny, and Anne.
  35. movies
    What If Tim Burton Had Made Weekend at Bernie’s?It’d have had a lot more ghoulish dandies.
  36. quote machine
    Matthew Goode Not Ruling Out a Leap Year SequelPlus: Joan Jett biopic “isn’t painful” for Joan Jett to watch.
  37. movies
    Watch a New Alice in Wonderland ClipMia Wasikowska has no clothes on.
  38. heroes
    Johnny Depp to Promote New Kids’ Movie, Free the West Memphis Three“I firmly believe Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley are totally innocent,” says the star of Disney’s new ‘Alice in Wonderland.’
  39. release windows
    No Alice in Wonderland for the DutchForeign movie-theater owners, upset over Disney’s shrunken release window for the film, are threatening not to screen Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland.’
  40. movies
    Tim Burton’s New Website: Putting Other Websites to Shame Since 2010A masterpiece of HTML.
  41. trailer mix
    Latest Alice in Wonderland Trailer Is a Sumptuous Visual FeastOne could argue that Burton is losing his storytelling touch, but man oh man, he can still compose gorgeous visuals.
  42. party lines
    Burton, DeVito at MoMA Tim Burton Tribute“It’s even more surreal than a movie premiere,” the director says of his new Museum of Modern Art exhibition.
  43. art candy
    Sneak Preview: MoMA’s Tim Burton RetrospectiveSee a sprawling show of films, photos, props, and puppets, as well as a selection of immaculate, beautiful, and sinister drawings the director has done throughout his life.
  44. quote machine
    It’s Never Too Late for Will.I.Am to Be Bad at Another ThingPlus: Robert Pattinson to play woman.
  45. quote machine
    Tim Burton Not Sure What Johnny Depp Is Talking About EitherPlus: Juliette Lewis is no fan of tooth injuries.
  46. trailer mix
    Alice in Wonderland Trailer Appears to Be Significantly Less Scary Than We Initially PerceivedExcept for Helena Bonham Carter’s Red Queen, that is.
  47. vampires
    Tim Burton and Johnny Depp Set to Team Up for the 143rd Time on Dark ShadowsAnyone else getting bored by this combo?
  48. quote machine
    King of Nerds No Fan of Comic-ConPlus: Daniel Radcliffe says another great thing.
  49. nightmare fuel
    Terrifying Alice in Wonderland Stills Make Where the Wild Things Are Look Downright Cheery by ComparisonYikes!
  50. art
    Tim Burton Retrospective Coming to MoMAIt will run from November 2009 until April 2010.
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