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Timey Wimey

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    Jodie Whittaker Regenerates Away From Doctor WhoDrinking a few (sonic) screwdrivers to commiserate.
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    When Does Black Widow Take Place in the MCU Timeline?The “Cheap Thrills” needle drop only tells us so much.
  3. timey wimey
    Doctor Who Season 13 Teaser: The Companion Is Daddy NowIntroducing John Bishop and his good head of hair.
  4. timey wimey
    Custard Creams for All! Jodie Whittaker Is Staying With Doctor WhoNow, give her some Dalek action.
  5. timey-wimey
    Follow the Sound of the Drums: John Simm’s the Master Is Returning to Doctor WhoYou are not alone, again.