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  1. How Timothy Simons Handles All the Insults on VeepIt pays to have thick skin.
  2. chat room
    Timothy Simons on Veep, Jonah’s Presidential Chances, and Anti-Vaxxers“I like the idea of being a blunt instrument to show how absolutely idiotic it is.”
  3. casting
    Looking for Alaska Adds Adult Supervision With Timothy Simons, Ron Cephas JonesTwo characters with three lungs between them.
  4. too real
    Because Veep Also Takes Place in Hell, Jonah Might Be Running for PresidentDavid Mandel wants us to think so.
  5. inspiration
    Julia Louis-Dreyfus Gives an Update on Her Cancer Treatment“Chemo #2: finito. We are NOT fucking around here.”
  6. Veep’s Timothy Simons Reveals His All-Time Favorite Insults for JonahThings get personal when people say he’s “the wrong shape.”
  7. Freeform Developing ‘Bad Dates’ Comedy from ‘Veep’s Timothy SimonsFreeform just put a new comedy into development produced by Veep star Timothy Simons. According to Deadline, the network is developing a series […]
  8. chat room
    Timothy Simons on the Slow, Inevitable Rise of Veep’s Jonah Ryan“The lovely thing about him is that he manages to fail upward while never succeeding at anything for any great length of time.”
  9. awkward sex scenes
    Veep’s Jonah Does Not Know What a Sex Scene Is“I got my wife pregnant, so I think I have a solid idea of what it is.”
  10. vmas 2014
    James Franco Offends Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, and Jason Derulo in a VMA SpecialHe’s doing a bit.
  11. Talking to Timothy Simons of the New HBO Series VeepAs a newcomer to the world of TV, actor Timothy Simons is joining a very impressive group of writers and performers for his first big role in […]