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Tina Brown

  1. movie review
    Little Is a Confused Parable for Our Girlbossy TimesTina Gordon’s new movie shuffles into the body-switching pantheon.
  2. harvey weinstein
    Lena Dunham Claims She Warned Clinton Campaign That Weinstein Was a ‘Rapist’Tina Brown also claims she cautioned Clinton officials about Harvey Weinstein’s reputation in 2008.
  3. rivalries
    Bravo Abandoning Feud-Style Show About Anna Wintour and Tina BrownBooooooo.
  4. women in the world
    Helen Mirren on Sexism, Hillary, and Equal Pay“We’re half of the human race, why are we not there on any level?”
  5. in development
    HBO and Tina Brown Are Making a Norman Mailer FilmAbout his relationship with prisoner Jack Abbott.
  6. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Zac Efron, Rachel WeiszPlus: Viola Davis to join ‘The Help.’
  7. last night on late night
    Letterman Does Scott Brown Top TenPlus: Tina Brown on the secret to web success, on our regular late-night roundup.
  8. quote machine
    On Ari Gold’s Love-Hate Relationship With the Gays“He will prove himself to be the biggest homophobe and the biggest friend to the gay man in the history of humanity.” —Entourage’s Jeremy Piven on what’s in store for Ari this season
  9. ranters and ravers
    Book Critics: Tina Brown Totally Looks Like Di
  10. news reel
    Which Authors Will Be ‘Times’ Favorites Next Week? Ian McEwan and Tina Brown