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  1. tinder
    Is the World Ready for Björk’s ‘Tinder Album’?Let’s envision what Björk’s Tinder bio would look like.
  2. who would ryan lochte do
    Ryan Lochte Is Now on TinderJeah!
  3. take what is yours with right swipes and blood
    Emilia Clarke Is Wasting a Perfect Tinder Headline“Oh, honey, I can’t get on no internet [dating] site!”
  4. last night on late night
    If Kelly Clarkson Sang Your Dumb Tinder Profile, You’d Probably Get Laid MoreThe cover queen is at it again, this time with an ode to the foot fetish.
  5. sxsw 2015
    A Sexy Ex Machina Robot Is Catfishing Guys on Tinder at SXSW“What makes you human?”
  6. last night on late night
    Bill Murray Discusses Tinder, FinallySwipe right.
  7. dating
    Is Gone Girl the Worst First-Date Movie of All Time? An InvestigationTo see how bad a first-date movie it really is.
  8. the tonight show starring jimmy fallon
    Jimmy Fallon Signed Britney Spears Up for Tinder“This better work, bitch.”
  9. the approval matrix
    Is Tinder Lowbrow Despicable or Brilliant?The debate continues.
  10. last night on late night
    Conan and Dave Franco Explore Tinder TogetherUnder the aliases Djengus Roundstone and Chip Whitley.