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Tiny Fuppets

  1. The Tiny Fuppets Return for a Halloween Special Conan/Funny or Die writer Scott Gairdner’s web series Tiny Fuppets, a cheap Portuguese Muppet Babies knockoff, returns today with a brand new […]
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    Revel in the Return of Tiny FuppetsCollect ‘em all!
  3. Watch a Very Fuppets Holiday ChristmasMissed you, Fuppets, you weirdos you!
  4. An Interview with Scott Gairdner, Creator of Tiny Fuppets and Tons of […] Scott Gairdner, staff writer at Funny or Die and creator of the Tiny Fuppets, is one of the best comedy writers currently working on the […]
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    Meet or Become Reacquainted With the Tiny FuppetsThey’re Portugal’s Finest Friends.
  6. Tiny Fuppets About To Take America By Storm Why, these Tiny Fuppets are like nothing I’ve ever seen. It’s like they always say: the fanboat is the birthplace of all great Portuguese […]