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Title Sequences

  1. astrolabes!
    Why Game of Thrones Season 8 Got a New Title Sequence“We’ve been dying to give this thing a facelift. We’ve been looking at the same thing for almost nine years.”
  2. the art of the sequence
    Why Westworld Slightly Reinvented Its Opening Titles for Season TwoDid you notice the inclusion of some semi-extinct grassland animals and tasteful saloon headwear?
  3. the art of the sequence
    See the Early Mock-ups for Stranger Things’ Title SequenceHow it evolved into the version that made it to screen.
  4. The Secrets Behind Westworld’s Opening Title Sequence“We took care with every detail. Nothing is in there by accident.”
  5. close reads
    What Outlander’s Credits Tell Us About Season TwoSay, could that lass be I? 
  6. title sequences
    Learn About the Art of Film and TV Title DesignThe heart fonts want it fonts.