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  1. titles
    Anna Kendrick’s Book of Comedic Essays Has a Two-Thirds Fitting TitleIt’s out later this year.
  2. clickables
    See Kubrick’s Diary Brainstorm of Possible Dr. Stranglove Titles“Dr. Strangelove’s Secret Uses of Uranus,” “Dr. Doomsday and His Nuclear Wiseman,” and more!
  3. The Next Woody Allen Film Now Has a TitleAnd it features two colors.
  4. titles
    The Star Trek Sequel Gets a TitleIt’s rather dark …
  5. titles
    Pedro Almodóvar’s Next Movie: I’m So ExcitedThat’s the title.
  6. titles
    Tom Cruise’s One Shot RetitledIt’s now just Jack Reacher.
  7. name games
    Fiona Apple’s New Album Title Is As Long and Involved As You’d HopeNever change, Fiona.
  8. the industry
    Long Movie Titles: What’s Up With That?The ‘Times’ tries to find out.