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Titus Welliver

  1. vulture festival 2021
    Bosch the Man Meets Bosch the Dog Thanks to Hollywood HandbookAlso thanks to, ahem, Vulture Festival.
  2. vulture festival 2021
    Hollywood Handbook Has Some Notes on the Bosch Spinoff TitleBosch: Legacy? Sounds too downbeat!
  3. bosch
    Bosch: Legacy Is Coming to IMDb TVWhat? Bosch: PI sounded a little too Tom Selleck-y?
  4. chat room
    Titus Welliver on Bosch’s Last Chapter — and Harry Bosch’s Next One“The beauty of the character is that he’s consistent. He stays the same, because he’s a bit of a dinosaur, so he can only evolve so much.”
  5. chatroom
    Titus Welliver on Bosch, Avoiding Network Dramas“I’m interested in doing a show for literate adults.”
  6. first impressions
    Seitz on Amazon Drama Pilots Bosch and The AfterThe X-Files creator’s return is entirely welcome. Also: a decent cop show based on Michael Connelly’s beloved cop.