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  1. trailer mix
    The Underwater Trailer Stars Kristen Stewart Running From a Sea MonsterWell, this is a terrible situation.
  2. comedy
    T.J. Miller Wants Us to Know He’s Secretly a Good GuyIt’s the best-kept secret in Hollywood, apparently.
  3. Alice Wetterlund Says Male Silicon Valley Stars Enabled T.J. Miller to ‘Bully’“It was kind of a nightmare.”
  4. T.J. Miller Charged with Calling In False Bomb Threat Former Silicon Valley star T.J. Miller was arrested on Monday night and charged with calling in a false bomb threat, according to federal […]
  5. crime
    T.J. Miller Charged for Calling in Fake Bomb ThreatA train attendant told investigators Miller was drunk during the trip and got into an argument with another passenger.
  6. Silicon Valley Is Savage About T.J. Miller’s CharacterIt’s a slightly milder version of what Chuck Lorre did to Charlie Sheen’s character on Two and a Half Men.
  7. trailer mix
    Deadpool 2 Trailer: They’re Forming a Super Duper F*ckin’ Group“So dark! You sure you’re not from the DC universe?”
  8. messy exits
    The Silicon Valley Team Tells the Real Story Behind T.J. Miller’s ExitMiller was reportedly late, drunk, high, and occasionally asleep on set.
  9. Thomas Middleditch Addresses T.J. Miller and Aziz Ansari Allegations“I thought the whole Aziz Ansari thing was kind of absurd,” Middleditch said.
  10. tj miller
    T.J. Miller Reportedly Sent a Transphobic Email to a Movie CriticThe email sent to Danielle Solzman referred to her as a “strange terrible man” and was reportedly sent shortly after the release of The Emoji Movie.
  11. tj miller
    Adult Film Star Accuses T.J. Miller of Sexual Harassment While ShootingDana DeArmond says T.J. Miller and director Jordan Vogt-Roberts harassed her on the set of Comedy Central’s Mash Up.
  12. Comedy Central Cancels T.J. Miller’s ‘The Gorburger Show’It appears that Comedy Central is cutting ties with T.J. Miller in light of the sexual assault allegations brought to light today in The Daily […]
  13. sexual assault
    T.J. Miller Accused of Sexually Assaulting and Punching a Woman While in CollegeThe alleged incident took place while Miller was a student at George Washington University.
  14. T.J. Miller Accused of Sexually Assaulting and Choking a Woman in CollegeA woman has come forward with a handful of brutal sexual assault allegations against Silicon Valley alum T.J. Miller today. The Daily Beast […]
  15. celebrity endorsements
    The Most Aggressively T.J. Miller Excerpts From His Passionate Yelp Reviews“I ate the food and I didn’t get disease, rather I felt vigorously virile and ready to take on the meter maid!”
  16. profile
    T.J. Miller Knows You Think He’s Crazy for Leaving Silicon ValleyA candid conversation with the actor and former HBO star.
  17. June 2017’s Best Standup Specials: Rory Scovel, T.J. Miller, and MoreWith only four comedy specials released last month it would be easy to say that we’re in a bit of a summer drought compared to previous months. […]
  18. T.J. Miller on Leaving ‘Silicon Valley’: ‘It Seemed Like a Funny Trick to […]Last month it was revealed that T.J. Miller will not be returning to Silicon Valley for its fifth season, and now that Erlich Bachman’s final […]
  19. breakups
    T.J. Miller Discusses His ‘Contrarian’ Relationship with Thomas MiddleditchGoodbye, Erlich Bachman.
  20. T.J. Miller Reads a Not-So-Great Review of His HBO Special ‘Meticulously […]Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Show, where Stephen Colbert chats with T.J. Miller about The Emoji Movie as well as his recent move to New […]
  21. silicon valley
    T.J. Miller Says He Wanted His Silicon Valley Exit to Be Definitive“The best thing for this show is for this character to fade into the ether.”
  22. T.J. Miller Explains Why He’s Leaving ‘Silicon Valley’Right after HBO renewed Silicon Valley last week it was reported that T.J. Miller would not return for season 5, and while the network only […]
  23. theories
    How Will Silicon Valley Kill Off Erlich Bachman?Now that Erlich is leaving the show for good, there is only one way for him to go: He has to die.
  24. T.J. Miller Will Not Return to ‘Silicon Valley’ Next SeasonSilicon Valley just earned a season 5 renewal at HBO today, but one of the series’ main stars will not be returning for the next batch of […]
  25. T.J. Miller Is Leaving Silicon ValleyHe will not return for season five.
  26. cannes 2017
    Al Gore Will Dance to Prince If He Wants ToAl Gore, Brett Ratner, and Mary J. Blige all stole the show at Vanity Fair’s Cannes party.
  27. Here’s a Promo for T.J. Miller’s HBO Standup Special ‘Meticulously […]T.J. Miller heads to HBO next month with a brand new special, and today the network released the first promo. Titled Meticulously Ridiculous, […]
  28. T.J. Miller’s HBO Standup Special ‘Meticulously Ridiculous’ Premieres in […]T.J. Miller’s HBO standup special just got a premiere date. Originally announced last year, the special – titled T.J. Miller: Meticulously […]
  29. Inside ‘The Gorburger Show’ with T.J. Miller Comedy Central has a history of taking short form web series and expanding them to long-form primetime shows. That pattern continues this […]
  30. stoner viewing
    Could T.J. Miller’s The Gorburger Show Be Your New Comedy Bang Bang?Talk show format + Reggie Watts + absurdity + stoner vibes = possibilities.
  31. T.J. Miller’s ‘The Gorburger Show’ Premieres on Comedy Central Next MonthT.J. Miller’s new Comedy Central series just got a premiere date. The network announced today that Miller’s The Gorburger Show will premiere […]
  32. casting couch
    T.J. Miller Joins Kristen Stewart in Earthquake Disaster Movie UnderwaterWho better to accompany you to your watery grave?
  33. trailer mix
    Silicon Valley Season 4 Trailer: Wait, Can You Build a New Internet?Coming to HBO Sunday, April 23.
  34. Comedy Central Orders T.J. Miller’s ‘The Gorburger Show’ to SeriesT.J. Miller’s The Gorburger Show has gone from web series to HBO pilot to, now, Comedy Central’s newest show. According to The Wrap, the […]
  35. roll clip!
    Watch T.J. Miller’s Critics’ Choice Award Opener“We are one nation, one couch, one potato.”
  36. last night on late night
    T.J. Miller Couldn’t Stop Bleeding on ConanWell, this is weird.
  37. Conan O’Brien’s Interview with T.J. Miller Got Very Bloody Last NightHere’s a clip from T.J. Miller’s appearance on last night’s Conan, where his interest in showing symbolic solidarity with various groups led to […]
  38. trailer mix
    Watch the New Office Christmas Party Trailer*drinks eggnog while driving off a bridge*
  39. T.J. Miller Wants to Use Comedy to Soothe the Human Condition T.J. Miller cuts to the core. Whether shooting from the hip on local morning talk shows or waxing philosophical in his standup, Miller is […]
  40. T.J. Miller Smokes Herb Before He Does Stand-up and It’s Not WeedDon’t ask about the sandwiches.
  41. greetings from the windy city
    T.J. Miller Terrorizes His Own Morning Talk ShowThe star of Yogi Bear 3-D took over the city’s scenic Riverwalk.
  42. Watch T.J. Miller Host His Very Own Chicago Morning Show ‘Talkin’ with […]T.J. Miller has proven himself to be a consistently insane and unpredictable morning talk show guest, and now we can confirm that he’s an […]
  43. hbo
    HBO Announces Upcoming Comedy LineupIt’s not TV, it’s tons and tons of comedy.
  44. HBO Announces Standup Specials from Jerrod Carmichael, T.J. Miller, and […]HBO just confirmed a round of new standup specials from Jerrod Carmichael, T.J. Miller, Pete Holmes, and Russell Simmons’s All Def Comedy. […]
  45. Looking Back at Bruce McCulloch’s ‘Carpoolers’ Bruce McCulloch has always done things differently, whether it was with The Kids in the Hall, or his comedy albums, or his book or his TV […]
  46. Notaro, Morgan, Maron, Minchin, Maher and Many More to Headline New York […] The New York Comedy Festival has announced a handful of headliners for this year’s 18th annual event, and they’re big, with Tig Notaro at […]
  47. casting couch
    T.J. Miller to Voice a Face in Emoji MoviePresumably, he broke the news to friends with the “money mouth” emoji.
  48. trailer mix
    Watch Viceland’s Party Legends Trailer“And I just remember everybody was making out with everybody.”
  49. emmy insider
    Silicon Valley’s T. J. Miller Explains Why He Doesn’t Want an Emmy“I’m grateful, but I disagree.”
  50. roll clip!
    Watch T.J. Miller’s Silicon Valley OuttakesBuying stocks in 1928? A nice blanket being wheeled into a sunny spot? Senior citizen discounts at Perkins family restaurants?
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