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  1. country music
    Toby Keith Announces He Is in Treatment for Stomach CancerHe has canceled his set at the Ohio State Fair.
  2. lol
    Meanwhile, Trump Reportedly Gives Toby Keith the National Medal of ArtsThe president was impeached for a historic second time during the “closed press ceremony.”
  3. inauguration
    Watch a Livestream of the Inauguration Concert You’ve heard about Jackie Evancho singing for Trump, now watch it live.
  4. getting apolitical
    Toby Keith on Trump Inauguration Performance: ‘I Don’t Apologize’“I don’t apologize for performing for our country or military.”
  5. inauguration day
    Toby Keith, 3 Doors Down Join Trump InaugurationThe inauguration will “celebrate American history and heritage,” and that includes “Kryptonite” by 3 Doors Down.
  6. music
    YouTube’s Most Popular Fourth of July Songs“God Bless the U.S.A.” gets major play.
  7. covers
    Stephen Colbert Covers Toby Keith’s ‘As Good As I Once Was’He also has a Toby Keith quote stitched on his pillow.
  8. clickables
    Marvel at Toby Keith’s ‘Red Solo Cup’ Song and Video“Proceed to party, proceed to party.”
  9. radio vulture
    Sympathy for Toby Keith, Author of Arizona Gunplay Ballad ‘Bullets in the Gun’The controversial country singer’s current chart song features some unfortunate lyrics.
  10. hearts and minds
    State Department Exporting Country Music to the Middle EastIt’s called Country Eastern Music.
  11. the industry
    Jason Statham, Cop-Killer KillerPlus: Finally, a ‘Hong Kong Phooey’ movie.
  12. beef
    Ethan Hawke’s Rolling Stone Article Has Toby Keith Ready to RumbleThem’s fightin’ words!
  13. quote machine
    Toby Keith’s Movie Will Disappoint No OnePlus: Chris Martin makes a smoothie, and Alicia Keys reveals herself as pop’s most modest hit-maker.
  14. the industry
    Who Will Be America’s Next Top Janet Jackson?Plus: Matthew Perry returns to television, and, at last, Toby Keith is coming to the big screen.
  15. the industry
    Judd Apatow’s Inability to Stop Producing Movies Is Becoming TroublingPlus: Mayor André 3000!