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  1. today in kanye
    Turns Out Kanye Can Be Managed, by His Wife“Bound 2” rein him in!
  2. today in kanye
    See for Yourself, the Kanye West Wheelchair ‘Incident’ Was Not Really a ThingIt was really awkward though.
  3. today in kanye
    Kanye Does Not Look Excited About Hanging Out With Justin BieberMaybe it’s just like zip-lining?
  4. today in kanye
    Read Kanye’s Epic Wireless Festival Rant (With Auto-Tune) in Its Entirety“F*ck my face!”
  5. today in kanye
    Kanye Performed in a Pyramid, Yelled About Kissing Babies“I ain’t kissing nobody’s motherf*cking babies.”
  6. today in kanye
    Kanye West Disapproves of ‘Suit & Tie’He took Jay-Z and JT down a peg in front of a live audience.
  7. today in kanye
    Kanye West Wore Some Weird Masks Last NightIs Abominable Snowman a look now?
  8. today in kanye
    Kanye Calms DownHe was pretty riled up about the leaked copy of “Robocop,” but after a few deep breaths, he’s moving on.