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  1. Todd Barry Remembers His Cameo on the First Season of Sex and the CityHis line had something to do with monogamy and prostitutes.
  2. Todd Barry Talks Standup and His Book ‘Thank You for Coming to […]Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Show, where Stephen Colbert chats with standup Todd Barry about his new book Thank You for Coming to […]
  3. Check Out the Trailer for Michael Ian Black’s ‘Debate Wars’There’s no doubt, people love to argue. Trump vs Hillary, NYC vs LA, cats vs dogs – everyone’s got an opinion. So who better to settle such […]
  4. The 20 Best Underrated Standup Specials You May Have MissedNow more than ever, it’s easy to miss a great standup special. Despite social media’s role as the new word-of-mouth, there are specials […]
  5. Check Out Todd Barry’s ‘Letterman’ Debut from 1982Here’s a great way for Letterman fans to happily distract themselves from this morning’s Late Show marquee teardown: a clip from Late Night […]
  6. Watch Todd Barry Do Standup on ‘Conan’Todd Barry – who just released a new special via Louis C.K.’s website – did some standup on Conan last night, covering everything from […]
  7. Talking to Todd Barry About His New ‘Crowd Work’ SpecialTodd Barry has a new crowd work standup special coming out on Louis C.K.’s website. That’s the narrative we’ll be hearing over the next few […]
  8. Louis C.K. Says He Doesn’t Intend to Be a Wholesale Comedy Mogul“I’m not going to become some mogul, putting out wholesale chunks of comedy. If I find something I haven’t seen, that’s unique, and I could get […]
  9. Louis C.K. Is Releasing Todd Barry’s New Special on His Website in MarchTodd Barry has a new standup special, and he’s teamed up with Louis C.K. to make it available online. During his Daily Show interview last […]
  10. Watch Jerry Seinfeld and Todd Barry Chat on ‘Comedians in Cars Getting […] Here’s the latest episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, with guest Todd Barry. In between all the usual […]
  11. This Week in Comedy Podcasts: Mike Birbiglia Chills With Todd Barry, […]The comedy podcast universe is ever expanding, not unlike the universe universe. We’re here to make it a bit smaller, a bit more manageable. […]
  12. ADHD Review: ‘Axe Cop’ Drools; ‘High School USA!’ is a Teenaged ‘South […]Sneak previews of Axe Cop and High School USA! will run Sunday at 9:30 and 9:45 p.m. eastern, respectively, with all due respect, on Fox. The […]
  13. Talking to Todd Barry About His New Podcast, ‘Delocated,’ and Doing an […]This podcasting thing must be here to stay because Todd Barry has one now. And Todd Barry is no Johnny-come-lately who’s going to fall for the […]
  14. Todd Barry Has a Podcast NowBeloved stand-up Todd Barry (Delocated, Louie) launched his own podcast today. Aptly titled The Todd Barry Podcast, the show debuted its first […]
  15. Milkshake + Beer = Unhappy Todd Barry A burger, fries, milkshake, and beer for lunch!? What could that person possibly do for a living? Professional nap taker? Human lab rat for […]
  16. The Pre-Show Rituals of Comedians Just Before They Go On StageThis content series is produced in partnership with smartwater. smartwater, good taste travels well. click here to learn more. Performing on […]
  17. Todd Barry, the King of Twitter Trending Topics“Yeah, I do [participate in tending topics on Twitter]. It’s probably annoying. It’s just easy. Some guy said I don’t participate in these […]
  18. Todd Barry Goes on Letterman; Helps Future Kansas City Airport Visitors Airplane food was a hack, overused premise but then slyly Todd Barry subverted that shit. “I’m doing a bit about airport food. You ready […]
  19. Todd Barry Is Going Super Crazy for an Hour on Comedy CentralSet them DVRs: Todd Barry’s new hour-long special for Comedy Central, entitled “Todd Barry: Super Crazy,” premiers on Saturday, July 21 at […]
  20. Todd Barry Spins a Yarn about Not Really Having any Good Road StoriesOver at Black Book, Todd Barry wrote a properly dry and sarcastically titled essay, “Todd Barry’s Very Strange Road Stories.” It’s mostly about […]
  21. Todd Barry, the ‘Laurence Olivier of Sarcastic Twerps’This profile of Todd Barry is a master class in backhanded compliments. (He’s funny, but not because of his material or delivery. I love this […]
  22. This John Hodgman Backstage Tour Is Almost Like Being at SXSW Come one, come all, to the tour of the glamorous accomodations at Esther’s Follies comedy show at SXSW. A vegetarian option will be provided. […]
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    Hear Tim Heidecker, Aimee Mann, and Michael Penn’s Dis Track for Todd BarryPresenting “Todd Barry Is an Idiot.”
  24. The Original Version of Black Swan, Starring Todd Barry Everybody knows that Todd Barry’s deli manager from The Wrestler was the best and most dynamic part of that film. Which is why it makes sense […]
  25. Short and Funny, Part 2: Conversations with Twitter’s Top Comedic […]Yesterday, we heard from some professional comedy scribes who are prolific joke writers on Twitter. Today’s segment will feature thoughts and […]
  26. Todd Barry Gives You Sex AdviceTodd Barry gave some pretty solid sex advice to Nerve; here’s his answer to a question about how to deal with a boyfriend who wants to get a […]
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    ‘The Wrestler’ Trailer: Mickey Rourke’s Oscar Campaign Mounts a ComebackMickey Rourke’s Oscar buzz has plateaued a bit, so now seems like a pretty good time to release the trailer.
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    Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest Just Need to Make Out AlreadyPlus: Shane MacGowan’s immaculate reputation.