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  1. Third Woman Accuses Tom Brokaw of Unwanted AdvancesThe veteran NBC anchor allegedly tried to “French kiss” the woman without her consent.
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    NBC Employees Reportedly Felt ‘Forced’ to Sign Letter in Support of Tom Brokaw“We had no choice, particularly the lower-level staffers.”
  3. #metoo
    Dozens of Women in Media Sign Letter in Support of Tom BrokawRachel Maddow and Andrea Mitchell are among his supporters.
  4. but his emails
    Tom Brokaw Likens Sexual Harassment Accusation to ‘Drive-by Shooting’“It is 4:00 am on the first day of my new life as an accused predator in the universe of American journalism.”
  5. me too
    Tom Brokaw Accused of Inappropriate Behavior by Two WomenThe Washington Post sheds light on new accusations against both Brokaw and former Today host Matt Lauer.
  6. David Letterman Tells Tom Brokaw He ‘Couldn’t Care Less’ About Late Night […]Here’s a sneak peek from Sunday’s episode of On Assignment, where David Letterman chats with Tom Brokaw in his first television interview since […]
  7. Watch News Anchors John Oliver and Tom Brokaw Have a Chat Here’s newly-minted fake news anchor John Oliver interviewing real news anchor Tom Brokaw on The Daily Show last night, managing to get […]
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    Chris Parnell Nails His Tom Brokaw ImpressionIt’s ‘Tom Brokaw’s Greatest Generation, With Aaron Neville.’
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    Author Lloyd Alexander Dies at 83