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  1. the industry
    Jake Gyllenhaal to Star in The Division MovieIn Lana Del Rey voice: Based on a video game.
  2. Who Got Left Out of the In Memoriam Segment at the Oscars?In Memoriam, part two: R.I.P., Dennis Farina, Tom Clancy, and others.
  3. same name
    Real-Life Jack Ryan Discusses Clancy Coincidence“I’ve never had Harrison Ford offer to let me use his jet or anything like that.”
  4. alternatives
    4 Insane Jack Ryan Plots Not Yet Made Into FilmsA plot to assassinate the pope?
  5. vulture asks
    Vulture Asks: What Was Your Favorite Tom Clancy Book, Movie, or Video Game?Tom Clancy, R.I.P.
  6. obits
    Author Tom Clancy Dead at 66Known for his very successful espionage novels and video games.
  7. exclusive
    Shawn Ryan Hired to Adapt Clancy’s Without RemorseIt might be set during the Vietnam War. Or not!
  8. the industry
    Chris Pine Joins the Ranks of Skilled Thespians Who’ve Played Jack RyanPlus: Gus Van Sant! Bret Easton Ellis! Rashida Jones’s graphic novel!
  9. ageism
    George Clooney Too Old to Play New Jack Ryan, Says ProducerZac Efron, call your agent!
  10. george clooney
    Will Tom Clancy Pay for George Clooney’s Next Good Night, and Good Luck?George Clooney has allegedly expressed an interest in playing Jack Ryan should Paramount ever revive the franchise … and now they are, allegedly!
  11. the industry
    Maria Bello to Break Thumbs on HBOPlus: At last, Rev Run’s daughters get their own show.