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Tom Delonge

  1. a long talk
    Tom DeLonge Was Never CrazyThe divisive front man on why Angels & Airwaves is still the future, dicking around with Blink-182, and finally getting vindication about UFOs.
  2. tv
    Tom DeLonge Is Making a Second Show About AliensHe’s really into them!
  3. tv
    Tom DeLonge Takes Alien Obsession to Next Level, Makes Sci-fi Show for TeensCombining DeLonge’s loves of skateboarding, the paranormal, and dirty jokes.
  4. aliens
    Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge Receives UFO Researcher of the Year AwardAlien Ant Farm hangs their heads in shame.
  5. science fiction
    Tom DeLonge Is Directing a Sci-Fi Movie About a ‘Tribe of Broken Youth’It’s based on his YA franchise about skateboarding teens who investigate the paranormal.
  6. all the small things
    Blink-182’s T. DeLonge Takes UFO Info to the TopWikiLeaks uncovered the clandestine extraterrestrial research.
  7. aliens in america
    Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge Says He Had an Alien Encounter at Area 51We want to believe.
  8. beef
    Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge Drama ContinuesThe former (or current?) guitarist defended himself on Facebook.
  9. drama
    Blink-182 Claims It’s Having Tom DeLonge ProblemsIs he still in the band? It’s a magnificent battle of he-said-they-said.
  10. hard sells
    Dude From Blink-182 to ‘Redefine the Music Business’No.
  11. hard sells
    A Blink-182 Guy’s Sad Pitch to Vampire Weekend“You’re trying to live in an industry that’s dying. And so Modlife is trying to give you the chance to survive.”