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  1. box office gold
    The Symbiotes Controlling Our Bodies Gave Venom the Biggest October Opening EverDon’t worry: A lot of the symbiotes loved A Star Is Born too.
  2. Tom Hardy Needs To Learn How To EnunciateIt makes you want to turn on the subtitles.
  3. venom
    Venom Is Funnier Than You’re ExpectingTom Hardy creates a one-man buddy comedy.
  4. celebrity
    Tom Hardy and Prince Harry Have A ‘Deeply Private’ FriendshipIn a new interview, he wouldn’t share anything more than that Prince Harry is a “legend.”
  5. voice acting
    Tom Hardy’s Al Capone Voice Is Somehow Based on Bugs BunnyWhat’s up, Tom?
  6. trailer mix
    The Symbiote Is Taking Over in the Newest Venom Trailer“I have been … taken.”
  7. Breaking Down the Ever-So-Gritty Venom TrailerFeaturing cameos from Riz Ahmed and Michelle Williams!
  8. trailer mix
    Venom Trailer: Tom Hardy Is Your Troubled New Super Anti-HeroPremiering this October.
  9. okay sure
    Tom Hardy Is Not a Terrible RapperIf you care about early-’90s New York rap, you’ll find something to enjoy here.
  10. casting couch
    Riz Ahmed in Talks for Venom, Which Already Stars Your Boyfriend Tom HardyLooks like a few casting directors have been researching to find your faves.
  11. dogs
    Tom Hardy Wrote a Long Tribute to His Dead Dog WoodyThere’s also a YouTube video.
  12. venom
    Tom Hardy Is Your New VenomZombieland alum Ruben Fleischer will be directing the 2018 superhero flick.
  13. what the what?
    Tom Hardy Apparently ‘Vaulted Walls’ While Chasing a Thief in LondonWitnesses say Hardy caught a suspect after a heated chase.
  14. rumor mill
    Tom Hardy Is Playing Coy About James Bond“If you talk about it you’re automatically out of the race.
  15. tv review
    FX’s Taboo Is More Fun to Think About Than to WatchThis is clearly an obsessive, personal work, and it’s intriguing on that level — more so if you’re a fan of Tom Hardy.
  16. sweet dreams
    Let Dreamy Tom Hardy Tempt You Into Bed With an Adorable StorybookWhy, yes, his cute dog is there for the bedtime story, too.
  17. trailer mix
    See Tom Hardy in the New Trailer for FX’s TabooThis isn’t your mom’s period drama.
  18. the revenant
    Tom Hardy Lost a Bet, So He’s Getting a Crappy Leonardo DiCaprio Tattoo“Leo knows everything.”
  19. casting couch
    Tom Hardy Is Playing a Dementia-Ridden Al Capone in Josh Trank’s New BiopicOrganized crime gets a very handsome face.
  20. extreme acting
    Tom Hardy to Play a Legendary Antarctic ExplorerTom Hardy has no time for your simple character dramas.
  21. trailer mix
    Warner Bros. Releases Dunkirk Teaser After it Leaks OnlineWarner Bros. bumps up official teaser debut after it was leaked online earlier today.
  22. the industry
    One Direction Superfan Christopher Nolan Got Harry Styles for DunkirkIt will be the singer’s first film role.
  23. free shmurda
    Tom Hardy Tried to Sneak a Bobby Shmurda Lyric Into The RevenantAnd it made Leo giddy.
  24. epic comparisons
    Jane Fonda Wants You to See Tom Hardy in Legend“You gotta see him.”
  25. dubsmash
    Tom Hardy Has Been Secretly Making the Greatest Dubsmash VideosYou can thank his stunt double.
  26. british tv
    Tom Hardy Heading to FXFor a show based on a story he and his father wrote.
  27. castings
    Tom Hardy to Star in Film Adaptation of Splinter Cell Video GameSadly, the Bane mask is still awaiting its next project.
  28. casting
    Tom Hardy Is Doug Liman’s Mountain ManThe Dark Knight Rises actor will star in Everest.
  29. ah memories
    Things We Can’t Forget From This Summer’s MoviesAlso, we talk about the chems.
  30. pop quiz
    Who Said the Crazy Thing: Shia LaBeouf or Tom Hardy?Take our quiz!
  31. tom hardy
    Watch a Young, Skinny Tom Hardy Win a Modeling Competition in 1998“He’s a 22-year-old Virgo!”
  32. lawless
    Go Behind the Scenes of LawlessBane who?
  33. deleted scenes
    Dark Knight Rises Cut a Sequence Explaining Bane’s BackstoryBut the film’s costume designer inadvertently revealed what happened in it.
  34. tom hardy
    Watch Tom Hardy’s Star Trek: Nemesis Screen TestWhat do you think Patrick Stewart was thinking?
  35. clickables
    Watch Tom Hardy Rap (Featuring a Baby)His son, in fact.
  36. party chat
    Tom Hardy Explains the Inspiration for His Bane Voice“It’s based on a guy named Bartley Gorman.”
  37. the dark knight rises
    Some Newly Revealed Batman Semi-SpoilersWhat happened to the Bat Cave?
  38. education
    No, That’s Not Tom Hardy in PrometheusIt’s Logan Marshall-Green.
  39. chat room
    A Candid Tom Hardy at Cannes on Beards, Beer, Batman, and Brando“I don’t believe my own press release, do you know what I mean?”
  40. trailer mix
    Lawless Trailer: Shia LaBeouf and His Bootlegger BrothersTom Hardy also stars.
  41. casting
    Tom Hardy to Lead Sixties Biker MovieFrom the producer of Sons of Anarchy.
  42. the star market
    The Star Market: Does Tom Hardy Want to Be a Movie Star? “He’s an industry darling with major heat and goodwill, even though no one in 99 percent of this country knows who he is. Shia LaBeouf is Brad Pitt compared to him.”
  43. Watch Tom Hardy and McG Play Naked, NSFW PaintballAnd by “play,” we mean they each take a bullet to the bare ass.
  44. the industry
    Four Reasons Why Opening This Means War on Valentine’s Day Was a Bad IdeaFox moved it back this week; let’s divvy up the blame for why February 14 was a bad time to release the Reese Witherspoon action-comedy.
  45. best of 2011
    David Edelstein’s Favorite Performances From 2011And a few of his worsts, as well.
  46. 7 Things That Bane Sounds Like in The Dark Knight RisesIncluding Mr. Belvedere.
  47. batman
    Tom Hardy Apparently Unintelligible in The Dark Knight RisesAre there no speech pathologists in Gotham?
  48. New, Spine-Ripping Dark Knight Rises Secrets RevealedThe sequel is set several years after the last movie.
  49. trailer mix
    This Means War Trailer: Chris Pine and Tom Hardy are Mr. and Mr. SmithThey’re super-spies fighting over Reese Witherspoon.
  50. clickables
    Watch the Second Trailer for Tinker Tailor Soldier SpyWith a lot more Tom Hardy than the first.
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