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  1. dueling jokers
    Who Is the More Genuinely Upsetting Joker: Joaquin Phoenix or Tommy Wiseau?What if they made a Joker movie that had, like, double Jokers?
  2. the theatre
    The Only Good April Fools’ Day Prank Involves Lin-Manuel Miranda and The Room“Where’s My F-cking Money/Act 1 Finale” will be a guaranteed showstopper.
  3. casting couch
    The Room’s Tommy Wiseau Auditions for All the Different JokersWhy? So serious?
  4. trailer mix
    Best F(r)iends Trailer: Can Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero Outdo The Room?Lisa must be so jealous right now.
  5. golden globes 2018
    Here’s What Tommy Wiseau Wanted to Say on the Golden Globes StageSome wise words.
  6. roll clip!
    James Franco and Tommy Wiseau Bro Out on the Golden Globes StageOh hi, winners.
  7. Tommy Wiseau Rode to the Golden Globes in a Limo Covered in The Room PostersOh hi Tommy. We didn’t know it was you.
  8. The Disaster Artist: An Oral HistoryHow James Franco and friends brought the story behind the 21st century’s biggest cult film to life.
  9. Do I Need to See The Room Before I See The Disaster Artist?We argue both sides.
  10. Everything We Definitely Know About The Room’s Tommy WiseauTommy Wiseau directed the legendarily awful 2003 motion picture The Room; this we know for certain. Beyond that, things start to get murky.
  11. Check Out the New Trailer for James Franco’s ‘The Disaster Artist’James Franco’s movie about Tommy Wiseau and The Room hits theaters in December, and today a brand new, full-length trailer dropped online. In […]
  12. The Disaster Artist Is Peak James Franco, and the Best Thing He’s Ever DoneJames Franco’s retelling of the story behind the cult film The Room brought down the house.
  13. Check Out the New Trailer for James Franco’s ‘The Disaster Artist’James Franco’s movie The Disaster Artist heads to theaters later this year, and today the new, longer trailer for the film was released. Based […]
  14. trailer mix
    New Trailer for The Disaster Artist Plays Out Like the Rocky of Bad MoviesGet excited.
  15. Behold James Franco as Tommy Wiseau in the First Trailer for ‘The Disaster […]After a long wait and a premiere at SXSW earlier this year, James Franco’s film-about-a-film The Disaster Artist got its first teaser trailer […]
  16. trailer mix
    James Franco Is Spectacularly Terrible in The Disaster Artist TrailerOh hi, Mark.
  17. what's going on with james franco today
    James Franco Directed The Disaster Artist in the Voice of Tommy WiseauAlways one to go the extra mile, that James Franco is.
  18. trailer mix
    The Best F(r)iends Trailer Stages a Room ReunionDirected by Gary Fong.
  19. uncanny resemblances
    James Franco Shares Pic of Self As Tommy WiseauAlso, everyone joined the cast.
  20. the room
    Josh Hutcherson Joins James Franco’s Movie About the Making of The RoomOh, hi Josh!
  21. secret scripts
    The Original Script for The Room Was Way WeirderIt featured a scene where Johnny masturbates on Lisa’s red dress.
  22. ‘The Room’ Before ‘The Room’: Inside an Early, Even More Insane Draft of […]One of the many fascinating revelations of The Disaster Artist (soon to be a major motion picture from New Line starring James and Dave […]
  23. the room
    The Room Fan Trolls ‘Ask Amy’ Advice Column — That’s Life!“I did not hit her. I did not.”
  24. Tommy Wiseau Discusses Americans, Chickens, and Questions He HatesTommy Wiseau and his cult-classic film The Room are two of the greatest mysteries of the entertainment industry. Since its release in 2003, […]
  25. amas
    Here Are the Best Answers From Tommy Wiseau’s Reddit AMAOh hey, Tommy.
  26. Tommy Wiseau’s Sitcom ‘The Neighbors’ Is Now Available on HuluAfter a long wait, Tommy Wiseau’s sitcom The Neighbors has finally found a home. Over the weekend, the sitcom premiered the first batch of its […]
  27. Treat Yourself to the First Trailer for Tommy Wiseau’s New Sitcom ‘The […]Back in July, Tommy Wiseau released a teaser for his long in-the-works sitcom The Neighbors, and he recently added the first full length […]
  28. Bask in the Shameless Glory of Tommy Wiseau’s New Sitcom TeaserTommy Wiseau, star and director of the famously bad 2003 film The Room, recently announced via his website that his original sitcom The […]
  29. book excerpt
    Disaster Artist Book Excerpt: Inside The RoomIn this excerpt, actor Greg Sestero recounts the harrowing process of getting The Room director Tommy Wiseau to set on the first day of shooting.
  30. oral history
    How The Room Became the Biggest Cult Film of the Past DecadeTen years ago, a small independent film with a terrible script, a no-name director, and a cast of unknowns premiered.
  31. tommy wiseau
    Watch a Long, Awkward Interview With Tommy Wiseau of The Room Fame“You are tearing me apart, Lisa!”
  32. tommy wiseau
    Watch a Speed Drawing of The Room’s Tommy Wiseau“You’re tearing me apart!”
  33. andrew doriane
    Watch ‘She’s Like Gay,’ a So-Bad-It’s-Almost-Good Music VideoAerial shots! Sweaters! A guitar in the shadows! Is “She’s Like Gay” the ‘N Sync video that never was?
  34. clickables
    Tommy Wiseau’s The Room Gets an Unexpected Dubstep Remix“You are tearing me apart, Lisa!” will never sound the same again. Because now it is a song.
  35. clickables
    Watch Tommy Wiseau’s New Project, The House That Drips Blood on Alex“It’s pronounced blew-d.”
  36. movies
    Read Tommy Wiseau’s Ten Tips for Making a Sex TapeNo. 9: “You have to go to places that I call ‘you never been before.’”
  37. quote machine
    Zac Efron Not Yet Qualified to Wear TightsPlus: Ke$ha still saying things.
  38. movies
    Watch the Teaser for Tommy Wiseau’s New Project, The House That Drips Blood on AlexIt’s not just dripping blood on anybody.
  39. protests
    Attack of the Cult Flicks!Enough with the good-bad movies.