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  1. toy story 4
    The True Story Behind Forky, Toy Story 4’s Sentient SporkDirector Josh Cooley, animator Claudio de Oliveira, and actor Tony Hale explain how a utensil became the summer’s strangest movie character.
  2. party report
    Tony Hale Took Home the Only Veep Prop That Matters“There’s just something about that leather.”
  3. sundance 2019
    Tony Hale and Jordana Spiro Are Ready to Tear Up SundanceThey’re the party animals you’d least expect.
  4. arrested development
    Thomas Sadoski Has Some Serious Words for Jessica Walter’s Co-starsAnd one of them is “pathetic.”
  5. backlash
    David Cross Says He Will ‘Unequivocally Apologize’ to Jessica Walter“I’m sorry that we behaved the way we behaved.”
  6. inspiration
    Julia Louis-Dreyfus Gives an Update on Her Cancer Treatment“Chemo #2: finito. We are NOT fucking around here.”
  7. Tony Hale and Alia Shawkat on Arrested Development’s Comedy LegacyTo this day, Hale’s parents still don’t think it’s funny.
  8. arrested development
    Arrested Development Has a Hook for Season 5It’s quite an idea.
  9. Watch a Clip from IFC’s Holiday Special ‘Joe’s Pub Presents’ Featuring […]IFC airs its first holiday special tomorrow night called Joe’s Pub Presents: A Holiday Special, and the network gave us the above sneak peek to […]
  10. party chats
    Yep, Tony Hale Realizes Veep Is Starting to Get a Little Too Real“We’re gonna have a political comedy on CNN.”
  11. drunk history has its eyes on you
    Your GIF Guide to LMM’s Drunk History EpisodeYou wanna be in the show where it happens?
  12. Watch Some Clips from Tonight’s ‘Drunk History’ Featuring Lin-Manuel […]Tonight’s episode of Drunk History features a drunk Lin-Manuel Miranda narrating stories about Alexander Hamilton’s life, and Comedy Central […]
  13. IFC’s ‘Joe’s Pub Presents: A Holiday Special’ Starring Tony Hale Airs on […]IFC has a holiday special in the works. The network announced today that it will air an hourlong comedy/music holiday special next month called […]
  14. when that hotline bling
    Call The Late Show’s Celeb Chat Line. It’s Real.“Most people know me from this thing, but I was also in another thing.”
  15. Tony Hale Pitches Veep to Hillary Clinton: ‘Don’t Watch It’And all of the characters are “horrible people.”
  16. Chris Gethard and Tony Hale Help Connor Ratliff Confront His #1 FearI’m not sure what’s more impressive in this new clip from The Chris Gethard Show – Connor Ratliff’s claim that hasn’t tasted a vegetable (on […]
  17. Tony Hale to Star in Indie ‘War of the Worlds’ Comedy ‘Brave New Jersey’Tony Hale is set to star in an in-the-works indie film. Deadline reports that Hale has joined Brave New Jersey, a comedy directed by Jody […]
  18. Watch a Sneak Peek of Tonight’s ‘Childrens Hospital’ with Rob Huebel, Nick […]Childrens Hospital airs a brand new episode (directed by Ken Marino, no less) on Adult Swim tonight, and we have an extra special sneak peek […]
  19. the war for late night
    This Corden Bit Perfectly Rebuts Conan WriterIt’s so charming!
  20. chat room
    Veep’s Tony Hale on His Relationship With Selina“He one day is dreaming to marry [her].”
  21. Tony Hale Plays a ’70s News Anchor Held at Gunpoint on ‘The Birthday Boys’Here’s a sneak peek of tomorrow’s episode of The Birthday Boys featuring special guest Tony Hale, who plays a ‘70s news anchor held at gunpoint […]
  22. Watch Jim Gaffigan, Tony Hale, Jack McBrayer, and Ellie Kemper in ‘The […]This week, UCB alums Dusty Brown and Greg Bratman released their new short “The Nobodies,” which features the musical comedy duo alongside […]
  23. Here’s Joel McHale’s ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Cocaine’ From The Soup last week, here’s a parody of Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee called “Comedians in Cars Getting Cocaine,” with […]
  24. spoofs
    Watch Joel McHale and Tony Hale Score Some Coke“Cocaine!”
  25. music videos
    Tony Hale Gets Kate Upton Drunk in New Lady Antebellum VideoCalled “Bartender.”
  26. Tony Hale Proves He Can Be Tough with His Latest Film ‘Slade Seksdik’On last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, guest Tony Hale gave a world premiere sneak peek at his newest film Slade Seksdik: Die-Time, a project he […]
  27. Letterman Asks Tony Hale for an ‘Arrested Development’ Movie UpdateOn Friday, David Letterman tried to fish for an update from Veep’s Tony Hale about whether or not an Arrested Development movie is happening in […]
  28. Watch Tony Hale Give LA Traffic Tours Here’s a new Funny Or Die video starring Veep and Arrested Development’s Tony Hale as a tour guide for “LA Traffic Tours,” driving a bus […]
  29. emmys 2013
    See Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s Hilarious Emmy SpeechWith Gary by her side.
  30. Funny or Die Takes You Inside Tony Hale’s Acting Process Here’s a new Funny or Die video in which Arrested Development’s Tony Hale takes you deep inside his acting process — which requires more blow […]
  31. Tony Hale’s Asthma Once Shut Down a TV Show Arrested Development’s Tony Hale opened up to David Letterman last night about how his asthma attack once briefly shut down production on an […]
  32. Season Two of ‘Veep’ Was a Funny Story About Underdog Jerks“Would it be so hard for people not to be assholes?” - Selina Meyer Veep reminds me a lot of The Larry Sanders Show, and I’m sure I’m not […]
  33. ‘Arrested Development’ Episode Reviews: It Gets Better / Off The Hook / […]In addition to our Arrested Development season 4 review, Splitsider has also been posting episode-by-episode recaps that have covered a few […]
  34. chat room
    Arrested Development’s Tony Hale on Going Nude and Buster’s Dark Turn“Once you’re playing Buster, you’re living in shame.”
  35. Tony Hale Talks ‘Arrested Development’ on Paul F. Tompkins’s ‘Speakeasy’ Here’s the latest episode in Paul F. Tompkins’s excellent chat show Speakeasy, in which he has longform chats with different entertainers. His […]
  36. And Now the Review of One of the Greatest Comedies of All Time Which Had […]The adjectives “interesting” and “weird” mostly exist to be placeholders for how you actually felt about something you couldn’t completely […]
  37. upfronts 2013
    The Persistent Cult of Arrested DevelopmentThe show was too weird and self-referential to really succeed on network TV, especially in 2003. But times have changed, and now so has television.
  38. Talking to Tony Hale About ‘Arrested Development’, ‘Veep’ and ‘The Heat’There’s going to be a lot of Tony Hale going around in the very near future. He can currently be found every Sunday on HBO’s Veep playing Gary, […]
  39. chat room
    Tony Hale on Veep and Arrested Development“Once I heard Jessica Walter’s abusive, demeaning voice, it just all clicked in.”
  40. Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: ‘Veep’ Season 1Veep Season 1 is out on DVD and Blu-Ray this week! The Armando Iannucci-created Julia Louis-Dreyfuss-starring show is incredible, with some of […]
  41. arrested development
    Buster Bluth on the Run in a Periwinkle PeacoatHe’s (probably) made a huge mistake.
  42. Tony Hale’s Joining the Cast of Paul Feig’s Melissa McCarthy-Sandra […]Your future favorite movie of a summer just keeps on getting better. Tony Hale has signed on to Paul Feig’s still untitled buddy cop film […]
  43. casting couch
    Tony Hale Joins Paul Feig’s New ComedyBuster Bluth and the Bridesmaids director.
  44. chat room
    Tony Hale Imagines Buster Bluth Today“Quite frankly, I don’t know if society’s ready for a Buster out there in the world. Unless he can find other Busters.”
  45. Tony Hale Is Excited for ‘Arrested Development’s’ Return – Join The Club, […] Tony Hale was on Fallon last night to talk about something – who knows, Veep maybe – but all that matters is he talks about Arrested […]
  46. Trade Roundup: Only Fools and Horses, Paul the Male Matchmaker, Lizzy […]Could Steve Carell be set to re-make a second popular British sitcom for American audiences? ABC is working on a US version of the BBC show […]
  47. Tony Hale On the Imminent Return of Buster BluthNow that Arrested Development is really coming back, interview season has begun! Tony Hale spoke about what he thinks Buster has been up to for […]
  48. Things Other than the Future Movie and TV Show Covered at the Arrested Development ReunionLike, Mitch Hurwitz explains an erection joke to a young Michael Cera.
  49. Tony Hale Is the Most Oblivious Man in the World Here’s an ad parody from CollegeHumor that features Tony Hale, known to most discerning comedy nerds as Buster Bluth. In it, he plays a […]
  50. exclusive
    We Have the Sundance Promos the Festival Nixed at the Last MinuteThese four videos were approved, shot, and edited … and then rejected a week before the fest for being “too edgy.”
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