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Too Hot To Handle

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    What’s With the Fake A.I. on Netflix Reality Shows?It’s a new age of reality-TV producer meddling.
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    Is This Torso From Love Island or Too Hot to Handle?Put your knowledge of reality shows about hot people on a beach to the ultimate test.
  3. reality tv
    Too Hot to Handle’s Narrator Knows This Is a Ridiculous Show“I’m like, Seriously you guys, there is a bunch of cash. Just don’t touch! Read a book, take a swim. What the hell?”
  4. tv review
    Too Hot to Handle Is Your New Trashy Netflix Reality ObsessionIt’s a social experiment run by a talking metal cone, but it’s also a fishbowl full of hot people being controlled by bored producers.
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    Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle Will Fill the Love Is Blind–Size Hole in Your Life“Is blue balls a real thing?”