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  1. bourdain
    Tom Colicchio Mourns His Friend Anthony Bourdain: ‘The Best Was Yet to Come’“I don’t know how to process it.”
  2. vulture lists
    The 7 Best Food Shows to Match Your MoodFrom Top Chef to Ugly Delicious, there’s a food show for you.
  3. chat room
    Tom Colicchio on Top Chef’s Season-15 Finale“There was no villain. There was nobody who was just set on being an asshole for whatever reason.”
  4. top chef
    Boston Teamsters Acquitted in Top Chef Extortion TrialThe four men were found not guilty after a jury deliberated for 19 hours.
  5. Top Chef’s Brooke Williamson and Shirley Chung on the Season 14 FinaleAnd whether they’ve been underestimated as women in the kitchen.
  6. emotional food journeys
    What It’s Like to Eat Sheldon Simeon’s Food With Top Chef Judge Gail SimmonsA five-course dinner at the James Beard House.
  7. trailer mix
    Top Chef: Charleston Trailer: All-Stars Meet the RookiesHot diabetic chef Sam is back!
  8. reality rumble
    The Reality Rumble: What’s the Greatest Reality-TV Season Ever? Is it Real World: San Francisco? The first season of Survivor? Real Housewives of Atlanta’s “Tardy for the Party” season 2? The bracket stars today!
  9. overnights
    Top Chef Recap: There’s Nothing Quite Like Restaurant WarsThey could really rename this show ‘Top Ego.’
  10. overnights
    Top Chef Recap: It’s Not Always the Best Chef Who Makes It to the EndThis week’s episode set a new record for fighting.
  11. overnights
    Top Chef Recap: Bad on Top of Bad on Top of BadLet’s head on over to Dallas.
  12. Top Chef Recap: It Looks Like an Easter Basket Gone BadHey, more Texas stuff!
  13. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Conan’s Hilarious Mash-Up of Paula Deen on Top ChefPlus, David Letterman discovers that his jokes can be funnier in Spanish, on our regular late-night roundup.
  14. clickables
    Hear Paula Deen Share Some Inappropriate Thoughts About ShrimpOh dear.
  15. recaps
    This Week’s Best Recap CommentsYou commented, we picked our favorites!
  16. recaps
    The Best TV-Recap Comments of the WeekWhether for ‘Top Chef,’ ‘Mad Men,’ or ‘True Blood,’ you wrote ’em, we collected ’em.
  17. recaps
    The Best TV-Recap Comments of the WeekOur editors highlight their favorite comments from the past week’s recaps.
  18. michael bay
    Michael Bay Announces Plans for Foray Into Reality TV’One Way Out’ billed as a “game with no rules.”
  19. fugging it up
    The Fug Girls’ Top Ten Reality-Show JudgesSimon, Gail, Janice, and TV’s other most judgmental people…in the best possible way.
  20. the industry
    Simon Baker to Serve As Surf SenseiPlus: Bill Maher! Restaurants! YA Lit!
  21. the industry
    Ron Livingston Is a SchmuckPlus: ‘In Treatment’ returns! Angie Harmon returns! ‘Top Chef’ returns (in a way)!
  22. the industry
    Anne Hathaway and Neil Patrick Harris Headed to RioPlus: Sex! Chefs! Soap-opera stars!
  23. sell-outs
    Advertisers Love Them Some BravoThe Bravo network reigns supreme in a new list involving product-placement effectiveness.
  24. agenda
    ‘Top Chef’ Gets Yet Another Compelling Crop CookingThe fourth season of Top Chef promises to be the same as the previous ones — which is to say, preposterously entertaining.
  25. in the magazine
    Straight Talk From Ted AllenIn this week’s issue of New York, Jennifer Senior examines the Bravo network’s reality-TV machine and the former contestants whose lives it’s upended.