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Top Of The Lake: China Girl

  1. backstories
    Nicole Kidman Had a Prosthetic Bulge Added to Her Nose for Top of the LakeAnd a prosthetic wrinkled brow!
  2. overnights
    Top of the Lake: China Girl Finale Recap: What Happened to Cinnamon?This show has never met a womb it did not want to put a baby inside.
  3. overnights
    Top of the Lake: China Girl Recap: Human Sacrifice“I’m not in it for the fun” is an apt description for watching this show.
  4. overnights
    Top of the Lake: China Girl Recap: The Destiny of ManEverything is a disaster, everyone is terrible, and it’s all going to get worse.
  5. Top of the Lake: China Girl Is a Disappointing Follow-upIts relationship to the original may conjure up not-fond memories of seasons one and two of True Detective.
  6. Top of the Lake: China Girl Trailer: Elisabeth Moss and Nicole Kidman Team UpPremiering Sunday, September 10.
  7. nicole kidman
    Nicole Kidman Knows She Is Having a Great Year (and That She Has TV to Thank)She hopes there is more fall-flat-on-your-face comedy in her future.
  8. cannes 2017
    Elisabeth Moss Always Gets Final Cut on Her Nude Scenes“Everything that involves nudity I have 100 percent approval, otherwise I don’t do it.”
  9. cannes 2017
    Jane Campion Thinks It’s ‘Insane’ She’s the Only Woman Director to Win Cannes“No more guys winning. That’s it. It’s just going to be women winning from now on.”
  10. Which Nicole Kidman Is Right for You?The actress is starring in four very different projects at Cannes this year.
  11. The 13 Most Anticipated Films (and One TV Show) at Cannes This YearIncluding new films from Bong Joon-ho, Todd Haynes, and Sofia Coppola.