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Top Secret

  1. underrated
    ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Explains Why Top Secret! Is the Funniest Film Ever Made“I didn’t mind a lack of cohesive plot. It just really appealed to me.”
  2. Fox Developing Spy Movie About … Stan Lee?It’s not exactly a biopic.
  3. Dildo Massages, Ballet & Satanic Taxi Drivers: Six Cinematic Misfires of […]William Henry Cosby is American comedy royalty, a man whose standup albums are still coveted amongst aspiring yukmeisters and whose assorted […]
  4. Watching Top Secret! For the First TimeOne of the most popular movie suggestions people have for me when they hear I’m writing this column is Airplane!, and I can’t blame them for […]
  5. vulture lists
    10 Made-up Sports We Wish the Olympics AdoptedForget team handball, modern pentathlon, and the 400-meter individual medley — how about skeet surfing?