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Toronto Film Festival 2014

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    Good Wife’s Finn, Downton’s Tom on Cumberbatch“We got in the car behind him going in. The screaming, I was like, oh my God! This is electric!”
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    Why Tobey Maguire Thinks There’s a Lack of Young Male Movie StarsIf Maguire were starting today, he says, “I would feel like my only opportunities were in YA franchises and superhero movies.”
  3. toronto film festival 2014
    Josh Hutcherson’s Escobar Character Is PeetaWe guess that by extension, that means Pablo Escobar = President Snow?
  4. toronto film festival 2014
    The Imitation Game Wins Toronto Audience AwardStarring Benedict Cumberbatch.
  5. toronto film festival 2014
    Chris Evans Was Predictably Self-Deprecating About His Directorial Debut Before We Go, a love story, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.
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    Pacino on Joe Paterno, Guardians of the Galaxy“I thought, Gee, it’s a big movie and you saw it on a big screen with sound.
  7. party chat
    Jemaine Clement on His Vampire Film and HBO ShowWhat We Do in the Shadows is a mockumentary about vampires living in a New Zealand suburb.
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    Toronto: The Riot Club Is Your Next Favorite Pretty Boys FlickThe Queen ought to give out medals for movies like this.
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    Julianne Moore Might Be in This Year’s Oscar Hunt After AllShe’s phenomenal in Still Alice.
  10. toronto film festival 2014
    Adam Sandler and Tom McCarthy on Their Magical Shoe Fable The CobblerAt the Toronto Film Festival.
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    Kristen Wiig Stars in One of the Toronto Film Festival’s Weirdest MoviesWelcome to Me.
  12. toronto film festival 2014
    Tom Hardy Is a Huge Fan of Dogs and Proves It 62 Times in This Interview“I love dogs. Like, A LOT. They’re my favorite animal. Ever.”
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    Michael Douglas on Bad Guys, Stage Fright, and Ant-Man“Most of my career’s been in that grey area.”
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    Toronto: Very Enthusiastic Woman Asks to Taste Benedict Cumberbatch’s Yumminess Not what he expected when he signed on to play math genius Alan Turing.
  15. toronto film festival 2014
    Toronto: Yes, The Daily Show Is in Jon Stewart’s Movie, RosewaterIt’s sort of the reason he decided to direct.
  16. toronto film festival 2014
    Toronto: Reese, Benedict, and Eddie Redmayne Shake Up the Oscar RaceWill one of them take home the gold?
  17. toronto film festival 2014
    Ethan Hawke Reveals His Deepest Secret in His New MovieCheck out the exclusive clip where he confesses.
  18. toronto film festival 2014
    Jennifer Aniston Looks Like Hell in Cake, and That Is the PointHer gritty, “ugly” indie movie premieres at Toronto.
  19. toronto film festival 2014
    The Judge, This Is Where I Leave You: The Same?This fall, it seems like every movie comes with its own doppelgänger.
  20. toronto film festival 2014
    The Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Top FiveIt just sold in Toronto.
  21. the last 5 years
    Here’s Anna Kendrick Singing (Yet Again) in The Last 5 Years“You don’t have to eat prosciuttooooooo.”
  22. toronto film festival 2014
    Toronto: Eddie Redmayne Has a Major MomentCould The Theory of Everything be an Oscar contender?
  23. toronto film festival 2014
    7 Steps to Living a Bill Murray Life, by Bill MurraySing, be honest, and always make time for your friends.
  24. toronto film festival 2014
    Jerry Seinfeld Makes It Rain on StrippersIn Chris Rock’s new movie, Top Five.
  25. Toronto: We Need to Get Back Onboard With Jake GyllenhaalHe’s been terrific in a series of films that you’re not seeing.
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    Can Someone Please Get Diane Keaton Onto Parks and Recreation?“They haven’t asked me to appear? I’m very upset.”
  27. toronto film festival 2014
    Toronto: Robert Downey Jr. Deals With Family MattersAnd gets ribald at a Toronto Film Festival press conference.
  28. toronto film festival 2014
    Chris Rock Recalls Joan Rivers’s Late-Night Show“There’s literally no one in the world Joan Rivers couldn’t follow and blow off the stage.”
  29. toronto film festival 2014
    Dax Shepard Will Flash His Anus While Acting If That’s What It Takes“There was a moment where they were shooting between my legs.”
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    15 Movies Everyone Will Be Talking About at the Toronto Film FestivalVulture will be there, naturally.
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    Baumbach, Denzel, Fey Films to Premiere at TIFFSee the first 59 announced films.