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  1. tiff 2017
    Get Ready for Awards Season: See What’s Headed to TIFF This YearSee the full lineup of films.
  2. Rami Malek Would Prefer We Forget About His TV Debut on Gilmore GirlsHe really had it out for Pastor Eric.
  3. toronto film festival
    Attention, New Yorkers: This Terrifying Rat Movie Will Make You Want to DieTo live in New York is to know that rats will eventually win, but to watch Morgan Spurlock’s new horror documentary, Rats, is to have that confirmed.
  4. toronto film festival
    The Cannibal Movie So Gross People Are FaintingEat light and enjoy all this cinematic deliciousness with some fava beans and a nice glass of Chianti. 
  5. toronto film festival
    How Anne Hathaway’s New Movie Involves Gamergate“I was struck by what a brilliant example this movie offers in terms of why you shouldn’t give hateful men great amounts of power.”
  6. toronto film festival
    Stone and Gosling’s La La Land Charms TIFFLa La Land is the film equivalent of getting handed an ice-cream sundae. 
  7. toronto film festival
    Winslet on The Dressmaker, Liam Hemsworth’s Abs“Liam, he was such a mensch about it.”
  8. toronto film festival
    Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult’s New Movie Will Make You Want to Make OutIf anyone else wins the MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss, we’ll be shocked.
  9. chat room
    Tom Hiddleston on Orgies, Nudity, Hank Williams“Listen, if it floats your boat, who am I to stand in judgment?”
  10. toronto film festival
    Miss You Already Is the Beaches of Our TimeBring some Kleenex.
  11. toronto film festival
    Michael Moore’s New Film Is His Most Emotional He’s been going through some personal stuff.
  12. toronto film festival 2015
    Toronto Film Festival: The Martian, DemolitionPrestige season is almost here.
  13. toronto film festival 2014
    Josh Hutcherson’s Escobar Character Is PeetaWe guess that by extension, that means Pablo Escobar = President Snow?
  14. toronto film festival 2014
    The Imitation Game Wins Toronto Audience AwardStarring Benedict Cumberbatch.
  15. toronto film festival 2014
    Dax Shepard Will Flash His Anus While Acting If That’s What It Takes“There was a moment where they were shooting between my legs.”
  16. chat room
    Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Enough Said“Good people do really bad things sometimes and they don’t mean to. So, you know, people are flawed.”
  17. Keanu on Man of Tai Chi and Directing Himself “You know, Reeves comes prepared, he knows his lines, he knows what he’s doing.”
  18. toronto film festival 2013
    Toronto Film Festival Wrap-up: The Best, the Worst, and the RestFeaturing Gravity, 12 Years a Slave, and Dallas Buyers Club.
  19. chat room
    Sarah Paulson Almost Lost 12 Years a Slave“American Horror Story was like, ‘We already own her.’”
  20. chat room
    Dan Stevens Will Watch Downton With America“I have to wait until January like everybody else … because I live in America now.”
  21. chat room
    David Cronenberg on His Weird Movie Memorabilia“I always thought someone could make a wonderful set of jewelry based on those,” he says of the gynecological tools from Dead Ringers.
  22. toronto film festival 2013
    Sarah Polley Rallies for Jailed CanadiansShe has been courting the Toronto Film Festival press on behalf of a professor and her filmmaking mentor, who were arrested in Egypt.
  23. toronto film festival 2013
    Cumberbatch’s WikiLeaks Film Pokes Fun at ItselfBill Condon’s biopic opened this year’s Toronto Film Festival.
  24. toronto film festival 2013
    15 Movies We Can’t Wait to See at the Toronto Film FestivalIncluding August: Osage County, Gravity, and Dallas Buyers Club.
  25. the vulture transcript
    How to Get Jared Leto to Invite You on a HikeJust point out that he seems sorta out of shape. (It worked for us.)
  26. chat room
    Jim Sturgess on Toronto’s Buzzy-But-Confusing Cloud Atlas“It’s an impossible film just to kind of sum up in a sound bite, really.”
  27. chat room
    Derek Cianfrance on The Place Beyond the Pines“Ryan would send me pictures of guys standing up on motorcycles … doing handstands. He was like, ‘I wanna learn how to do this.’”
  28. film festivals
    Toronto Film Festival 2012: Looper, Cloud AtlasSilver Linings Playbook, Place Beyond the Pines
  29. movies
    Rosemarie DeWitt on Your Sister’s SisterAfter ten years of being semi-homeless, she’s working full-time.
  30. chat room
    Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud on Chicken With Plums, Fighting Like Brother and Sister, and Unrealistic Romantic Comedies“In these movies I always see these women looking at this guy, ‘Does he love me?’ And from the second they get married it is so f-cking boring.”
  31. toronto film festival
    Toronto Film Reviews: Whit Stillman’s Damsels in Distress, Francis Ford Coppola’s Twixt, and ButterStillman is back with his first movie in thirteen years.
  32. toronto film festival
    The Six Big Stories to Come Out of This Year’s Toronto Film FestivalMichael Fassbender has arrived, and we’ll have a very crowded Best Actor race at next year’s Oscars …
  33. toronto film festival
    What Was the Most Disturbing Movie Scene at this Year’s Toronto Film Festival?Congratulations, Matthew McConaughey and ‘Killer Joe,’ for what we’ll call the “fried chicken moment.”
  34. chat room
    Rosemarie Dewitt on Her Toronto Sex Comedy Your Sister’s Sister“I remember thinking, ‘God that was a missed opportunity. We could have been chugging tequila.’”
  35. party chat
    Will Reiser on the Toronto Premiere of His Seth Rogen Cancer Comedy, 50/50“I started trembling.”
  36. party chat
    Glenn Close Premiered Albert Nobbs at Toronto on a Very Surreal AnniversaryExactly ten years before, she was leaving the festival after trying to raise money for ‘Nobbs’…on Sept. 11.
  37. chat room
    Jennifer Westfeldt on Her Toronto Hit, Friends With Kids“I felt like the things flying on the screen in the movie was our life: baby, baby, baby, 1-year-old birthday … And you’re just the childless people standing there with the balloon.”
  38. toronto film festival
    The Israeli Oscar Hopeful Footnote Proves Love Can Bloom at a Film FestivalWhen it sold at Cannes, it led to a marriage between a sales agent and the fllm’s star.
  39. toronto film festival
    Five Reviews from Toronto, Including Friends with KidsAnd the latest from Todd Solondz and Sarah Polley.
  40. toronto film festival
    The New Anti–Sarah Palin Documentary Won’t Make Many Haters HappyLet’s see which — if any — of documentarian Nick Broomfield’s “revelations” in ‘Sarah Palin: You Betcha!’ actually draw blood.
  41. movies
    Ten Films Everyone Will Be Buzzing About at the Toronto Film FestivalIncluding ‘Friends With Kids’ and ‘Take This Waltz.’
  42. tiff 11
    Toronto Film Festival Lineup: Madonna, Clooney, Fassbender, and MoreSee the movies that were unveiled today.
  43. passion play
    Image Entertainment Buys Rourke-Fox Film’Passion Play’ to make it to theaters.
  44. toronto film festival
    King’s Speech Victorious At Toronto Film FestivalSolidifies standing as Oscar frontrunner.
  45. everything must go
    Will Ferrell’s Serious Turn in Raymond Carver Adaptation Finds a BuyerWhile IFC snatches up the Sarah Silverman movie, ‘Peep.’
  46. chat room
    Werner Herzog: ‘Avatar Makes Me Cringe!’“This kind of New Age sort of thing! I’m allergic against group sessions of yoga.”
  47. chat room
    Geoffrey Rush Gets Revenge on England“And this very old-school drama teacher went: ‘You common little colonial.’”
  48. Toronto Film Festival Has Bedbug ProblemSympathetic itching to commence in .5 seconds.
  49. tiff
    Movies Announced for the Toronto Film FestAlso: the latest films from auteurs Emilio Estevez and David Schwimmer!
  50. award season
    Precious Wins the Top Award in TorontoAlready being called “The Little Movie That Could.”
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