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Tournament Of Champions

  1. this! is! devastating!
    Jeopardy! Queen Amy Schneider Ends Her Million-Dollar ReignRhone Talsma unseated the champion after her 40-day streak.
  2. guest host with the most
    Fan Favorite Buzzy Cohen Returns to Host Jeopardy! 2021 Tournament of ChampionsThe All-Star champ steps behind the podium to guest-host in May.
  3. the winner and still champion
    Your Boy James Holzhauer Wins the 2019 Jeopardy! Tournament of ChampionsTaking his all-time Jeopardy! winnings up to $2,712,216.
  4. game shows
    James Holzhauer Will Return, Obviously, for Jeopardy!’s Tournament of ChampionsRematch! Rematch! Rematch!