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  1. baby yoda
    Disney’s New Baby Yoda Toy Makes Cooing Noises, As Will You When You See ItExcuse me, The Child.
  2. toys
    We Demand a Real Plush Baby Yoda Toy, DisneyAnd we want it now.
  3. the mandalorian
    Baby Yoda Toys Are Finally Here, But You Still Won’t Get Them Before ChristmasNext spring, you can have a Baby Yoda plush toy, bobblehead, or Funko Pop! doll of your own.
  4. cut for time
    Cut-for-Time SNL Sketch Has Perfect Toy for Your Little Future Wicked Stepmother“Mommy? Where’s the drama in that?”
  5. infinite avatar
    Huh, the Avatar Sequels Are All About KidsMost of them will be blue.
  6. #wheresrey
    Finally, We’re Getting The Last Jedi Rey Toys Unprompted by Outrage#WheresRey worked.
  7. this is the droid you're looking for
    Adorable Droid BB-8 Will Spar With Evil Twin BB-9E in The Last JediThis is the droid you’re looking for.
  8. lego
    Lego Green-lights Women of NASA Set; How Long Until a Lego Hidden Figures Movie?At 98, Katherine Johnson is having one of the biggest years of her life.
  9. force friday
    Star Wars Toys Topped $700 Million Last YearGuess what the No. 1 toy property in America was?
  10. saturday night live
    SNL’s Star Wars Toys Are for AdultsThere’s no age limit on hoarding.
  11. star wars
    Disney Reportedly to Discontinue Slave Leia ToysAccording to Marvel’s J. Scott Campbell.
  12. toys
    Spoilers From Force Awakens’s Talking Toys?Finn speaks!
  13. aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper
    Toys Reveal New Info About Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ BaddiesMeet the First Order.
  14. Weekend Update-Era Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Get the Action Figure […]Say hello to the hottest action figure set of 2015: American heroes, comedy queens, and SNL favorites Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Ahead of […]
  15. toys
    You Will Be Able to Buy a BB-8 Toy for ChristmasWith the help of Sphero.
  16. they're not dolls mom they're action figures
    Watch Ridiculous Avengers Toys in ActionAnd a purse that fires darts!
  17. movies
    The Real Reason It’s Taken So Long to Get a Dancing Baby Groot ToyAccording to Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn.
  18. movies
    Playmobil Will Become a Movie, TooFrom the same people who are handling the upcoming Little Prince adaptation.
  19. controversy
    Aaron Paul Bashes Toys ‘R’ Us for Pulling Breaking Bad ToysIn response to a Florida mom’s petition.
  20. bad ideas
    Breaking Bad Figures Pulled from Toys ‘R’ UsAfter a Florida mom started a petition.
  21. xmas planning
    Marvel Finally Made an Official Dancing-Baby-Groot ToyStocking-stuffer gift, check.
  22. collectibles
    Get Ready for Jon Hamm Bobblehead NightDreams come true.
  23. Lego Is Releasing a Bunch of ‘Simpsons’ MinifiguresLego announced via Facebook today that they’re releasing a new series of The Simpsons minifigures to coincide with a Lego-centric episode of […]
  24. toys
    Tiny Toys or Big, Adult Vehicles?Epic motocross meets toys for tots.
  25. Mr. Potato Head Turns 60, Dresses Up Like Other Famous SexagenariansYou say “potato,” we say Happy Birthday!
  26. See a Commercial for Adulthood, If Adulthood Were a Toy You Could Buy“Vehicles sold separately.” Or leased, depending on your “situation.”
  27. Cartman’s Muscle Man Marc Doll Is Now a Real, Purchasable DollDo you have $125 and nothing to spend it on? Like really nothing? Well, South Park superfan/designer Marc Jacobs will happily take that money […]
  28. Let’s Play with the ‘Arrested Development’ LEGO Set This WeekendMatt De Lanoy created a custom LEGO set that recreates the entire Arrested Development universe, so if you ever wanted to build a model home […]
  29. the wire
    See a Series of Windup Toys Based on Characters From The WireBaltimore’s finest, now in Happy Meal form!
  30. movies
    Mattel May Release Back to the Future Hover BoardThough it will not hover.
  31. kids
    Meet Stella, the Cutest Dinosaur Expert EverThink you know the Triceratops? Think again. Actually, just ask Stella for help.
  32. clickables
    Watch an Exasperated Dad Try to Explain Barbie in a Mermaid TaleCool dad is awesome.
  33. clickables
    See the Troll Dolls’ Sexy, Horrible New MakeoverThis is a disaster.
  34. Life-Sized Lego Model of Conan O’Brien Combines Two of the Internet’s […]Lego! Coco! How can the internet resist such a thing? This life-sized Conan model was built from Lego bricks by “World-renowned LEGO artist” […]
  35. clickables
    Check Out the 2001: A Space Odyssey Monolith FigureHours of fun for your kids, assuming your kids are into obliquely purposeful narrative devices.
  36. movies
    Is a Shrek Toy Teaching Children Slang for Female Genitalia?“The three little pigs are supposed to huff and puff, but instead some adults are hearing words that have left them squealing.”
  37. trolls
    DreamWorks to Make Troll MovieThanks a lot, Pixar.
  38. the industry
    Vulture Learns That Paramount Is Planning a Magic 8 Ball MovieIn a world of movies based on Candy Land and the Ouija board, why the hell not?
  39. toys
    The Comeback Is Complete: Mickey Rourke Has His Own Action Figure NowAnd it is awesome.
  40. movies
    Say Hello to All the New Toy Story 3 ToysCan’t wait to see what Big Baby’s game is.
  41. the industry
    Mattel’s New Plan to Further Meld Toys and MoviesThe top toy company has designed a new toy line expressly to be simultaneously made into a movie.
  42. fairy-tale endings
    Recall Affects ‘Princess And The Frog’ NecklacesSee, some things are worse than kissing a frog!
  43. toyetic
    Hollywood Wants to Know What’s Easier Than Merchandizing Films About ToysThe answer: Not a thing. And Mr. Potato Head is laughing all the way to the bank.
  44. toy story
    Finally, a Barbie MovieSurprisingly, no plot details have been released.
  45. disparate things
    Wholly Unrelated First Looks at Fantastic Mr. Fox And Destro’s New MaskWe’re not quite sure what one has to do with the other, either.
  46. this guy's a collector
    Lost’s Benjamin Linus Gets the Bobblehead TreatmentWe kinda wish it was Frogurt, but this will do.
  47. apropos of nothing
    What Happens When a 32-Year-Old Blogger Tries to Play With His Old Transformers Toys?Surely, transforming these figures from their vehicle forms to their robot forms would come naturally to us, thanks to accumulated muscle memory, right?
  48. ranters and ravers
    ‘Transformers’ Fans, Unable to See the Movie, Rate the Toys