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    Happy Endings: Wait, Which Friends Clone Is That Again?The one with the romance and shenanigans, just like the others.
  2. Traffic Light Recap: No Scrunchies Left BehindTraffic Light, you almost had me. After your abominable pilot, I thought I noticed a few slim rays of wit and human emotion glimmering between […]
  3. Traffic Light Recap: Welcome To The Spider HoleThe nice thing about a new show is that whatever else happens, you can usually count on the pilot to represent some weird alternate netherworld […]
  4. Traffic Light Recap: ‘Pilot’You know things aren’t going to go well in the Traffic Light pilot within the first minute or so, when we see lawyer Mike cowering his car to […]
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    Fox Picks Up Four New Series; Renews Human Target and Lie to MeOne is a sitcom involving a person on death row.