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  1. tragedies
    Clive Davis Wrote a Letter to Whitney Houston Begging Her to Seek HelpIf you were having a nice Friday, you can stop now.
  2. tragedies
    Nancy O’Dell Leaving Access Hollywood After Thirteen YearsThis is a sad, sad day.
  3. tragedy
    Future of Flight of the Conchords in Doubt“It very likely might not” return for a third season, Jemaine Clement says.
  4. swine flu
    Most Important Backstreet Boy Contracts Swine FluThis week’s promotional appearances for the Backstreet Boys’ new album have been canceled following Brian Littrell’s tragic diagnosis with H1N1 today.
  5. tragedies
    Ryan Jenkins Found Dead of an Apparent SuicideVH1 has decided to permanently cancel both of the shows Jenkins had appeared in.
  6. jonaspocalypse
    Joe Jonas Nearly Maims Nick Jonas in Freak Drumstick MishapOh, no!
  7. disasters
    Update: The Jonas Brothers’ Failing Streak ContinuesTheir new TV show was watched by a mere 3.2 million kids between 6 and 14, which is the approximate number of fans standing outside of Zac Efron’s house on an average weekday.
  8. awful things
    Report: Natasha Richardson Taken Off of Life SupportAccording to Liz Smith, it happened at 1:30 this afternoon.
  9. tragedies
    Natasha Richardson’s Situation Looks Dire As Her Family Gathers in New York CityAfter being injured in Canada, she has been flown to New York City’s Lenox Hill Hospital.
  10. tragedies
    Natasha Richardson Fighting for Her Life After Tragic Skiing AccidentShe suffered brain injuries while on vacation with her family in Canada.
  11. tragedy
    Outrage: New Weird Al Single Delayed by iTunes GlitchPredictably, Apple’s stock price has plummeted nine points since the opening bell.