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    See All the 2018 Super Bowl TrailersSo some dinosaurs, a red sparrow, and a young Han Solo walk into a football game…
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    New Monster Trucks Trailer Has Monsters, TrucksFun for the whole tentacled family!
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    I’m So Excited Trailer: Welcome Onboard Pedro Almodóvar AirlinesWe’re so excited, as well.
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    Watch the Ninja-tastic New Trailer for G.I. Joe: RetaliationFlying ninjas!
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    Watch Matthew McConaughey in the Mud TrailerA film by director Jeff Nichols.
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    Watch the Trailer for Shane Carruth’s Next FilmThe much-anticipated second offering from the director of Primer.
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    Happy People Trailer: Werner Herzog Makes Snow AngelsGo for the narration; stay for all the images of ice.
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    Trance Trailer: James McAvoy Forgets He Heisted the Heist From HeistersIt’s the London Olympics of psychological thrillers.
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    Questions About the InAPPropriate Comedy Trailer“How many Oscars winners have said the line ‘Go ahead, make me gay’ in a movie?”
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    Watch the Trailer for Malick’s To the WonderBen Affleck is wordlessly in love with Rachel McAdams and Olga Kurylenko and nature.
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    Watch the Trailer for Franco’s Homo-Sex-Art-FilmIt is exactly as promised.
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    Smurf 2 Trailer: Smurfs Smurf AgainSmurfs smurf in Paris, Smurf.
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    Man of Steel Trailer: Superman Is Super-Unsure Who He IsHe is great at flying.
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    Watch Depp and Hammer in the Lone Ranger Trailer“Depp and Hammer” is the coolest sounding law-firm name ever.
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    Watch the Star Trek Into Darkness TeaserBenedict Cumberbatch is back for vengeance — star vengeance.
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    Watch the The Mortal Instruments TrailerThe YA novel movie train keeps going.
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    The Extended Oz: The Great and Powerful TrailerAnd you were there, James Franco. And you were there, Mila Kunis. And you were there, Michelle Williams. 
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    Watch the Trailer for Stephenie Meyer’s The HostHope you’re into blue eyes.
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    Warm Bodies Trailer: Undead Man Walking and Falling in Love“I love you … and braiiiiiiiins.”
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    Watch the Trailer for Soderbergh’s Side Effects Be forewarned: Channing Tatum wears a fedora.
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    Evil Dead Red Band Trailer: Hold Your TonguesIt’s a bloody T-shirt contest, where everyone loses.
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    ‘Aw’ at Nicholas Sparks’s Safe Haven TrailerJulianne Hough and Josh Duhamel being cute.
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    Iron Man 3 Trailer: Why So Serious, Robert Downey Jr.?This time, it’s personal, apparently.
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    New Jack Reacher Trailer: Tom Cruise vs. Werner Herzog (?)Now with 100 percent more Werner Herzog.
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    Chastain Hunts Osama in Zero Dark Thirty TrailerDo you think they catch him?
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    See How Psycho Was Made in the Hitchcock TrailerAnthony Hopkins + a second chin = Alfred Hitchcock.
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    Chasing Mavericks Trailer: Gerard Butler, Surf GuruBearded and hanging ten.