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Trainspotting 2

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    Trainspotting 2 and the Art of Sequels Coming Out Decades After the OriginalsStep one: Make the time gap part of the story.
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    Why Danny Boyle Thinks He’s Become a Worse Director“Jane Campion said that to be a film director, you have to be a kid, and as soon as you’ve made one, you’re not a kid anymore.”
  3. movie review
    Movie Review: In T2 Trainspotting, Danny Boyle and His Heroes Refuse to Grow UpThough the movie has a melancholy streak, Danny Boyle seems desperate to prove he has lost none of his youthful giddiness.
  4. trailer mix
    New Trainspotting 2 Trailer: 20 Years Later, Ewan McGregor Is Still Fine As Hell“Do you still take heroin?”
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    Trainspotting Cast Re-creates Iconic PosterReverting back to form.
  6. McGregor: Trainspotting 2 Script Is Really GoodThey begin shooting at the end of May.
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    Here Is Danny Boyle’s Promise That Trainspotting 2 Will Be Worth ItHe almost made a sequel ten years ago, but he knew the actors “would destroy it.”
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    Report: Trainspotting 2 Will Be Danny Boyle’s Next FilmAll four main actors are down.
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    Danny Boyle Eyes Trainspotting Sequel for 2016He’s confident he can get the original cast back together.