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Transgender Rights

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    IMDb Changes Its Policy to Allow for the Removal of Birth NamesLGBTQ organizations had previously lobbied the database to allow transgender users to update their profiles with their chosen names.
  2. Pose Is a Deeply American Story of Self-CreationThis is a powerful show about family as ideal, reality, and metaphor.
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    Pose Star Billy Porter on Ball Culture, ’80s New York, and the AIDS Crisis“If you’re neglecting your citizens, you are inhumane. The end.”
  4. Why RuPaul’s Reversal on Trans Issues Is So SurprisingA look back at the history of RuPaul on trans identity.
  5. The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson Is a Shattering DocumentaryThe film investigates the mysterious death of trans activist and icon Marsha P. Johnson — and the city that let it go unsolved for decades.
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    Stephen Colbert on Transgender Military Ban: Trump Went From Crazy to Cruel“F*ck you.”
  7. Watch Transgender Comic Patti Harrison’s Funny Takedown of Trump’s Military Ban“He probably thinks transgender people are those cars that turn into robots.”
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    Laverne Cox Responds to Adichie’s Comments About Trans Women and Male Privilege“There’s no universal experience of gender, of womanhood.”
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    How Oscar Wilde Inspired Zachary Quinto to Speak Out on Transgender Bathroom Ban“It is all of our responsibilities to stand up and be authentic and be visible and fight for people who are striving to find a way in this world.”
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    Jim Parsons to Produce, Star in Feature Drama About Transgender ChildClaire Danes is also attached.
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    Rhea Butcher On Trans Bathroom Rights: ‘It’s About the Right to Exist. To Be.’The genderqueer comedian recalls the first time she was turned away from a public restroom.
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    Gigi Gorgeous Detained in Dubai for Being TransShe claims airport security denied her entry into the country.
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    OITNB: A Trans Ex-Con on Solitary Confinement“How can you be in a prison in prison?”