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Transparent Musicale Finale

  1. set visits
    Transparent Goes Out With One Last Crazy DanceOn the set of musical finale’s closing number, “Joyocaust.”
  2. goodbyes
    The Transparent Finale Is an Expression of Everything the Show Was AboutThe series didn’t want to end this way, but I’m kind of glad it did.
  3. odes
    In Praise of Transparent’s Shelly Pfefferman, the Underappreciated Jewish MotherWho could she be if given half a shot?
  4. legacies
    Transparent’s Greatest Trans Legacy Is How Quickly It Grew IrrelevantThe cultural conversation Transparent helped usher in has made it so trans stories set even five years ago now read like historical fiction.
  5. legacies
    Transparent Changed TV As an Art FormIt defined an entire genre of TV comedy and opened new avenues for TV storytelling.