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  1. quiz time
    Can You Match the Apathetic Musician With Their Rock Hall Insults?It’s not just the baby-boomers getting feisty.
  2. rock hall
    Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor Blasts Rock Hall of Fame: ‘I Don’t Give a F*ck!’“I’m not saying this as sour grapes. I honestly couldn’t give less of a shit.”
  3. retrospectives
    The Enduring Appeal of Nine Inch NailsSome bands stay alive by rehashing the hits. Others stay adjacent to whatever’s new and popping. Nine Inch Nails is too cool to play that game.
  4. trumpian culture
    Taylor Swift Is Too Concerned With Her ‘Brand’ to Speak About Trump, Says ReznorAs well as her “success and career and whatnot.”
  5. Marilyn Manson and the Politics of Being a Huge TrollThe same approach means different things in different times.
  6. the heart wants what it wants
    Why Nine Inch Nails’ Initial Twin Peaks Song Was Swiftly Rejected by David LynchDavid Lynch didn’t love it.
  7. David Lynch or Some Random People on YouTube: Who Shot Nine Inch Nails Better?The answer may surprise you.
  8. in conversation
    Trent Reznor Talks His New Music, the Future of Streaming, and His Tortured PastIn conversation with the Nine Inch Nails icon.
  9. Nine Inch Nails Announce New EP Add Violence, Debut New Song ‘Less Than’It’s the second installment in a series of three EPs.
  10. scores
    Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross Scoring Ken Burns DocThe ten-part doc premieres on PBS in September.
  11. right-click
    Nine Inch Nails Drops EP, Reveals Future PlansTheir first release since 2013’s Hesitation Marks.
  12. right-click
    Breathe, There’s a Fiery New Nine Inch Nails Song in Our MidstTheir new EP, Not the Actual Events, drops tomorrow.
  13. nine inch nails
    NIN Announce New EP; Atticus Ross Joins BandThey’re also reissuing several NIN albums on vinyl, plus a special edition of The Fragile.
  14. climate change
    Hear Reznor’s Song for DiCaprio’s Climate DocOnce again, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have teamed up.
  15. keeping score
    Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross Are Scoring Another Film TogetherGood choice in duo.
  16. in space nobody can hear you sing
    Weezer, Trent Reznor Release Songs About SpaceA great day for solar-system tunes!
  17. david bowie
    Trent Reznor Recalls How David Bowie Helped Him Get Clean“I knew you’d come out of that.”
  18. updates
    Trent Reznor Is Working on a Streaming Service, New Nine Inch Nails MusicAccording to The New Yorker.
  19. sound city
    Watch the Trailer for Sound CityYou’re going to pop a string.
  20. music
    Trent Reznor Composing Call of Duty Theme SongHe loves multiplayer.
  21. close reads
    What Can We Learn About Dragon Tattoo From the ‘Immigrant Song’ Video?USB cords! Tulips!
  22. clickables
    Hear a Preview of Trent Reznor’s Girl With the Dragon Tattoo SoundtrackBeautiful printer music.
  23. clickables
    Listen to a Bit of Trent Reznor’s Score From The Girl With the Dragon TattooMoody!
  24. kudos
    The Social Network Wins Best Picture at Critics Choice AwardsNatalie Portman takes home a trophy, too.
  25. music
    Download Five Tracks From Trent Reznor’s Social Network ScoreIt’s a little sampler to tide you over until next week.
  26. music
    The Social Network’s New Site Features Music From Trent Reznor’s Score… And it sounds like a nervous air conditioner.
  27. trent reznor
    Trent Reznor Providing The Score For Social NetworkAnd the musician offers his (positive) review of the film.
  28. music
    Download the Debut Album From Trent Reznor’s How to Destroy Angels, for FreeThe former NIN front man is giving away his new band’s first EP.
  29. music
    Download a New Nine Inch Nails Track, ‘Theme for Tetsuo: The Bullet ManA song for the closing credits of Shinya Tsukamoto’s new movie.
  30. music
    Trent Reznor and Wife Make a Bloody New Video, ‘The Space in Between’It’s a quiet, breathy nightmare.
  31. music
    Hear Trent Reznor’s First Post–Nine Inch Nails Music, ‘A Drowning’It’s a “seven-minute downtempo slither.”
  32. love
    Mr. and Mrs. Reznor Start BandIf any couple that can make wedded bliss sound like nightmare-causing industrial mayhem, it’s probably these two.
  33. quote machine
    Trent Reznor Hates the GrammysPlus: Will Sawyer and Kate hook up again this season on ‘Lost’?
  34. nin
    Trent Reznor Will Own 2010New NIN is on its way.
  35. politics
    R.E.M.: Torture?A bunch of famous musicians have filed a FOIA request seeking info on whether their songs were used as tools of torture at Guantánamo Bay.
  36. quote machine
    Keanu Reeves Remembers Patrick Swayze, Defiant SkydiverPlus: Where would Megan Fox shoot her boyfriend?
  37. troublemakers
    Sasha Frere-Jones Possibly Trying to Incite Radiohead-NIN Beefif Trent Reznor hears what Jonny Greenwood told Jones about signal purity and oxygen-free cables, he is going to EXPLODE.
  38. quote machine
    Hope Davis Is Hillary ClintonPlus: Lev Grossman’s new novel is chock-full of “awesome shit.”
  39. splits
    West Indian Girl Dumps the Future Mrs. Trent ReznorIt’s been a bumpy few months for Trent Reznor and his future bride, Mariqueen Maandig.
  40. twitter
    Trent Reznor Boldly Deletes His Twitter AccountIt’s about time!
  41. quote machine
    Matthew Weiner’s Inspiration for Mad Men’s Glenn: Matthew WeinerPlus: Trent Reznor terrified of fronting Kiss.
  42. word is not bond
    Trent Reznor Unretires Once AgainTurns out that NIN’s Bonnaroo show was not their last, after all.
  43. quote machine
    Michael Bay Could’ve Made A Good Year With Both Arms Tied Behind His BackPlus: Josh Holloway more comfortable being an ass.
  44. rock and roll
    Trent Reznor Has Seen It All“One time I saw Dave Navarro wear a shirt.”
  45. quote machine
    Zac Efron Will Do Whatever It TakesPlus: Pink no fan of yachting.
  46. quote machine
    Megan Fox Is Not Really Concerned With Convincing People That She’s Smart (Unlike Scarlett Johansson)Plus: Does Christian Bale use steroids?
  47. vulture fantasy weddings
    Meg White, Trent Reznor EngagedNot to each other, sadly!
  48. dinosaurs
    Depeche Mode Attracts Enormous Crowd at Free Show in L.A.Fortunately, there were no riots this time around.
  49. beef
    The Jane’s Addiction Reunion Has Already Devolved Into Bitter FeudingWhen Trent Reznor is the guy doing your intervention, you know you’ve got some serious problems.
  50. a rose by any other name
    Ticket Scalping Gets Fancy New Ticketmaster-Approved Name: Dynamic PricingAnd in a barely related story, Jay Leno is not happy that tickets to his free show in Detroit have landed on eBay.
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