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  1. cosby trial
    Only One Other Bill Cosby Accuser Allowed to Testify at Sexual-Assault TrialCosby’s trial is set to begin in June.
  2. trial
    Bill Cosby’s Lawyers Want a New Trial LocationThey say the media coverage in the current county has tainted the jury pool.
  3. bill cosby
    Bill Cosby Loses Appeal to Stop Sexual-Assault TrialA judge has rejected his attempt to have his case dismissed.
  4. bill cosby
    Bill Cosby Ordered to Stand Trial in Sexual-Assault CaseHe could face up to ten years if convicted.
  5. the industry
    Amazon Picks Up New David E. Kelley Show TrialTrial will star Billy Bob Thornton and William Hurt.
  6. the trial
    Kafka Papers Involved in Kafkaesque Legal SituationMaybe there’s an unfinished novel in them.