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Tribeca Film Festival 2008

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    ‘Fascist’ Director José Padilha Responds to the Critics“So if you’re that guy who likes to do a joint now and then and has to review this film for a newspaper, how are you supposed to take this?”
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    Boxer and Former Child Soldier Kassim Ouma on His Tribeca DocumentaryThe Ugandan-born boxer stars in the harrowing Tribeca documentary ‘Kassim the Dream.’
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    Bobby Valentine on His New Tribeca DocumentaryThe former Mets manager, now a hero of Japanese baseball, is the subject of the new documentary ‘The Zen of Bobby V.’
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    Cindy Sherman Disavows ‘Guest of Cindy Sherman’Paul H-O’s identity crisis in the shadow of Sherman, as the less-famous half of an artist couple, spurred the film. The film, in turn, spurred the breakup.
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    When’s Your Next Sex Scene, Laura Harring?We bombard the ‘Mulholland Drive’ temptress with sophomoric questions … and it works!
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    ‘Savage Grace’ Director Tom Kalin on Julianne Moore’s Incest ScenePlus, we ask what Kalin’s mother thought about the movie, then feel terrible about it.
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    Video: Dancing Zombies Celebrate 25th Anniversary of ‘Thriller’Dancing zombies? Michael Jackson impersonators? Vulture is there.
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    Tribeca Film Festival: The Industry PreparesWhat the industry is saying about this year’s fest — and what they really mean.
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    David Cross on ‘Terra,’ Voice Acting, and Poop ScoopingAlso, David Cross simply cannot remember the name of that movie he’s in.
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    Dan Richter on Playing the Ape in ‘2001’, Life With John and YokoThe actor speaks to Vulture about his legendary role.
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    How They Made ‘Speed Racer’ Look Like ThatCheck out Vulture’s exclusive slideshow conversation with the effects wizards who made it happen.
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    De Niro’s Tribeca Film Institute Merges With Renew Media: Why You Should CareYou’ve never heard of Renew Media, but it’s the bigger player in this deal.