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Tribeca Film Festival 2012

  1. asylum seekers
    Cuban Actors Playing Defectors Defect For RealTwo of the movie’s stars disappeared en route to the Tribeca Film Festival.
  2. chat room
    Rich Sommer on Harry Crane’s Mad Men Future“I would love for him to remain the lovable douchebag that he is.”
  3. chat room
    Alex Karpovsky on His Two Tribeca Films, the Coen Brothers, and Girls“It’s pretty groovy that something is already getting meta-meta-meta critical responses to it.”
  4. chat room
    Chris Colfer Wanted the Rights to Candy Land“When I found that Adam Sandler had snatched up the rights to the movie, I was so bummed!”
  5. tribeca 2012
    The Avengers to Close Out Tribeca Film FestOn April 28.