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  1. NYC Stories: Molly Ringwald Gets a Taste of NYC’s S&M UnderbellyWhen 14-year-old Molly Ringwald came to New York to shoot The Tempest, she didn’t expect an initiation into the city’s … darker side.
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    The Faces of 2018 Tribeca Film FestivalSaoirse Ronan, Rachel McAdams, the cast of Westworld, and more.
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    Cynthia Nixon’s Run for Governor Surprised Sarah Jessica Parker“I didn’t know she would seek a gubernatorial seat.”
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    Diane Keaton’s Acting Fooled Jack Nicholson Into Thinking She Actually Loved HimHe was “all rattled” about it, director Nancy Meyers said.
  5. The Wildest Stories Jamie Foxx Told at the Tribeca Film FestivalIncluding the time Sidney Poitier and Oprah set him straight.
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    Lady Gaga Convinced Bradley Cooper to Sing Live in A Star Is Born“I spent about a year and a half taking vocal lessons and preparing.”
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    Martin Freeman Pitches His New Film Cargo to Some Fancy ‘Executives’You can tell they’re executives because of their suit jackets.
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    Watch Kate Micucci’s Elevator Pitch for 7 Stages at Tribeca Film FestivalThese studio executives seem pretty legit.
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    Dan Harmon Addresses That Pesky Rick and Morty Szechuan Sauce Debacle“I wouldn’t wish that show’s fans on any fast-food restaurant.”
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    The Cast of In A Relationship Plays ‘It’s A Yes Or No Question’Seriously, it’s not that complicated at all.
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    Jeffrey Wright Says Anthony Hopkins Was the Prime Jokester of the Westworld SetOf course Ford is a ham.
  12. Dan Harmon Didn’t Realize Being an Actor Was So Hard“Wow. I really abused Donald Glover.”
  13. Jeffrey Wright Describes Filming His New Movie O.G. in a Real Prison“I found it to be the most moving experience I’ve ever had working on a film.”
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    Of Course Someone Used a Westworld Panel to Pitch Their ScreenplayAfter offering some run-of-the-mill compliments about Westworld, a questioner admitted that he and his brothers were “huge fans of Interstellar.”
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    See the Tribeca Film Festival 2018 LineupThe 2018 Tribeca Film Festival takes place April 18–29.
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    Keep the Change, Son of Sofia, and Bobbi Jene Top Tribeca Film Festival AwardsRachel Israel’s Keep the Change won Best Narrative Feature and Best New Narrative Director.
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    3 Times Emmanuel Lubezki Got Emotional With Director Alfonso Cuarón“I’m soft.” 
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    Catastrophe’s Sharon Horgan on How to Make a Boner Pop Onscreen“It’s hard to give a man a pretend boner because they’re like, That looks really, not quite big enough.”
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    How Carrie Fisher Joined Catastrophe“I turned to Rob, and I went, That’s your awful mother!”
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    Joss Whedon Sorry for Age of Ultron Comments“I think that did a disservice to the movie, and to the studio and to myself.”
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    Exclusive Clip: Rudd & Oswalt’s R-Rated NerdlandLesson No. 1: Don’t give a homeless guy all your money and then try to take back the check.
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    Tribeca Film Festival Won’t Screen an Anti-Vaccination Doc After All [Updated]“We do not believe it contributes to or furthers the discussion I had hoped for.”
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    Tribeca Film Festival Announces 2016 SlateThings are getting dystopian down in Tribeca.
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    Tribeca Film Festival Winners AnnouncedThe Rocket was the big winner.
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    Jenna Fischer on Her Inner Pam Beesly“I spent my formative years as kind of a wallflower … wondering how am I ever going to make my dreams come true.”
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    Rich Sommer on Harry Crane’s Mad Men Future“I would love for him to remain the lovable douchebag that he is.”
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    Alex Karpovsky on His Two Tribeca Films, the Coen Brothers, and Girls“It’s pretty groovy that something is already getting meta-meta-meta critical responses to it.”
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    Chris Colfer Wanted the Rights to Candy Land“When I found that Adam Sandler had snatched up the rights to the movie, I was so bummed!”
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    Crispin Glover on Freaky Deaky, His Castle, and ‘Corporate Television’“It’s not my favorite area.”
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    John Slattery Didn’t Quit the Subway After All“That was a joke!”
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    James Franco on ‘Superficial’ Bloggers“When I do something else, their comments are just completely uninformed and stupid.”
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    Michelle Williams Is Open to a Dawson’s ReunionIf James Van Der Beek asks, at least.
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    Jason Ritter Gets Undressed For Jesse Eisenberg“I guess the rule is, if I’m in a film with Jesse, I have to show my butt.”
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    What Is Steve Carell’s Mob Movie About?“It’s not Goodfellas, it’s not The Godfather, it’s not set in the usual place, and they’re not ethnically based.”
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    Billy Crystal Is Still Adjusting to Awards Shows in the Age of Twitter“It’s a little bizarre to have people commenting on things you’re doing as you’re doing them.”
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    Juliette Binoche Takes On Prostitution and Fame“I think it’s a slavery.”
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    Michael K. Williams Wants to See Tupac Tour“He started my career as an actor … he discovered me.”
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    Nicholas Stoller on The Five-Year EngagementPlus, where he is with The Muppets and his CBS pilot.
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    Judd Apatow Responds to the Girls Backlash“It’s supposed to be about people who are a disaster and privileged.”
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    Sixteen Movies to Watch at TribecaFrom Keep the Lights On to Searching for Sugar Man.
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    The Avengers to Close Out Tribeca Film FestOn April 28.
  42. Can the Super-Wealthy Arab City of Doha Buy Its Way Into Being the Next Cannes?The extravagant Doha Tribeca Film Festival wants to spend until it becomes a film mecca — it’s just lacking the actual filmmakers.
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    Rob Brydon on The Trip and Doing the Perfect Michael Caine Impression“He’s got almost copyrightable speech patterns.”
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    Will Leitch on Catching Hell, the Tribeca Doc About Reviled Cubs Fan Steve BartmanA sportswriter’s take on this portrait of the man who accidentally ruined the Cubs’ World Series dreams.
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    Watch a Clip From The Swell Season, the Documentary About the Stars of OnceGlen Hansard and Markéta Irglová fell in love filming ‘Once.’ This documentary shows how their romance unraveled.
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    Tribeca Film Festival’s Breakout Doc Director: Alma Har’elShe pairs vérité footage with staged, theatrical dance sequences in ‘Bombay Beach.’
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    Watch a Clip From the Kings of Leon Documentary Talihina Sky and Get the Backstory“Some of the band’s initial reactions were, ‘Nobody can ever see that.’”
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    25 Films to See at the Tribeca Film FestivalWe’ve screened nearly all of the fest’s 93 movies: Here are the tickets you want to buy.
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    David O. Russell Circling Buddy Cianci BiopicThat’d be the storied former mayor of Providence.
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    Talihina Sky Trailer: Kings of Leon, Never Say NeverSee the trailer.
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