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  1. indie spirits 2020
    The Spirit Awards Sang Laura Dern’s Praises with Choir TributeWhen the Spirit of Dern moves you…
  2. rip
    Remembering Penny Marshall, a Hollywood Legend With a Radical LegacyAs both a performer and a filmmaker, Marshall stood apart from what women like her were expected to do.
  3. tribute
    Remembering Oksana Shachko, ‘Artist, Activist, Terrorist’The Femen co-founder was beaten, jailed, and threatened with execution. It was beautiful to watch her dance.
  4. aretha franklin funeral
    Read the Letter Barack Obama Wrote for Aretha Franklin’s Funeral“Aretha Franklin rocked the world of anyone who had the pleasure of hearing her voice.”
  5. tribute
    Carrie Fisher Died Having Figured Out How to Truly Be Carrie FisherShe had the flukiest life, but ye gods, she made it her own.
  6. tribute
    Remembering Alan Thicke, a Steady TV ForceOne of the greatest qualities the late Thicke possessed, and that he exhibited on Growing Pains, was his steadiness.
  7. tribute
    9/11 Survivor Schandra Singh on Painting Everyone Who Died That Day“For me, it wasn’t about death. It was about bringing them back to life.”
  8. tribute
    Iggy Pop Honored David Bowie’s Memory and Music With 2-Hour Radio Show Between Bowie deep-cuts, Iggy recalled their travels together.
  9. tribute
    Paul F. Tompkins: Impersonating Garry Marshall Felt Like Spending Time With Him The comedian on what drove him to impersonate the director for almost a decade.
  10. tribute
    Remembering Garry Marshall, TV’s Mr. Nice GuyGarry Marshall made some beloved movies, but his ’70s sitcoms are what made him a legend.
  11. movies
    In Like Crazy, Anton Yelchin Showed the True Depth of His GiftsYelchin established himself as the rare young leading man who could play both charismatic and vulnerable.
  12. Watch Tracy Morgan Celebrate Prince in Almost Exactly the Same Way You DidIt’s silly, no?
  13. saturday night live
    SNL Pays Tribute to David BowieWith the help of Fred Armisen.
  14. tribute
    As Hans Gruber in Die Hard, Alan Rickman Redefined Action MoviesHans Gruber redefined action-film villainy.
  15. tribute
    Seitz: Roger Ebert on TV Was the Gateway Drug for New Film ObsessivesHis TV shows with Gene Siskel had as much to do with stoking this critic’s interest in film and film criticism as anyone he knew personally.
  16. tribute
    15 Roger Ebert Passages That Epitomize His WritingFrom reviews of films both classic and awful, to memorials to Gene Siskel, to an ode to his rice cooker.
  17. tribute
    Remembering Roger Ebert’s Cameo on The CriticIt didn’t stink.
  18. tribute
    Edelstein on Roger Ebert: Farewell to the Mayor of Movie Critic-VilleThe work of this most famous of film writers was accessible to people who normally had no patience for critics.
  19. Inside the Judd Apatow Art Show Gallery 1988 held a Judd Apatow tribute art show in Los Angeles last week, and here’s a nice little mini-documentary about the event, which […]
  20. Lena Dunham Writes About Her Friendship with Nora EphronToday, Lena Dunham wrote for the New Yorker’s website about being both a friend and fan of Nora Ephron’s. She writes:  I devoured her prose, […]
  21. Stephen Colbert’s Fitting Tribute to Maurice Sendak Maurice Sendak passed away yesterday so last night, Stephen Colbert paid tribute to the author/blurber of his new children’s book, I Am a Pole […]
  22. tribute
    The John Leonard BacklistThe Leonard List: that signature stream of excited enthusiasms that gave us a glimpse of the jam-packed Coney Island of his marvelous mind.