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  1. trilogies
    Kid Cudi Teases Man on the Moon III, a Decade After IICudi revealed a track list and a December 11 release date for The Chosen.
  2. trilogies
    Hilary Mantel Will Release Her Final Thomas Cromwell Novel in 2020Start queuing up for The Mirror and the Light.
  3. trilogies
    Prepare Ye Blogs for A Christmas Prince: The Royal BabyLike Netflix wouldn’t make this a trilogy.
  4. trilogies
    Manners Maketh Man, and Manners Also Maketh a Kingsman TrilogyThe trilogy concludes next November!
  5. Philip Pullman Returns to His Popular Material With New Trilogy The Book of DustThe Book of Dust will feature several characters from the best-selling His Dark Materials trilogy.
  6. trilogies
    Alden Ehrenreich Reportedly Up for a Solo TrioBut don’t tell him the odds of it happening.
  7. not too big to fail
    Tetris Movies to Be a Sci-Fi Trilogy“No-one has come remotely close to figuring out what we’re doing.”
  8. trilogeez
    Indiana Jones and the End of Movie TrilogiesWhy the closed-end, three-film arc is a thing of the past.
  9. forever 21
    Adele’s 25 Will Be Her Last Age-Titled AlbumSadly, we won’t be getting a 30.
  10. trilogies
    A Potential Heir to the Hunger Games Franchise EmergesThe first book hasn’t even been published yet.