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Triumphant Returns

  1. triumphant returns
    Laurie Strode Lives, in First Look at Jamie Lee Curtis on the New Halloween SetShe’s back home in Haddonfield, Illinois.
  2. triumphant returns
    Omarosa Makes Her Triumphant Return to Reality TV With Celebrity Big BrotherOut of the White House, into a house with Mark McGrath and Brandi Glanville.
  3. triumphant returns
    Coach Returns to New Girl for Schmidt and Cece’s Big DayDamon Wayans Jr. will return to New Girl for a two-episode arc.
  4. 00s nostalgia
    Homestar Runner Is Coming BackWhat’s the opposite of “bah-leted”?
  5. triumphant returns
    Megan Mullally Returning to Parks and RecTammy 2 strikes again.
  6. triumphant returns
    Katherine Heigl Wants to Come Back to Grey’s Anatomy“My idea is that [Izzie] actually … figures it out and finds some success.”