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  1. franchises
    Disney Moves Forward With Third Tron MovieBlue enthusiasts rejoice!
  2. clickables
    See a Mesmerizing ‘Making Of’ Video for Tron: LegacyOooh, lightcycles.
  3. oscars
    Scott Pilgrim Shortlisted for Visual Effects OscarThe Academy has announced the seven titles it will consider for the Visual Effects category.
  4. clickables
    Watch an 8-Bit Tron: Legacy Clip (With 8-Bit Daft Punk!)Short but supercute.
  5. weekend box office
    Little Fockers Wins the Weekend’True Grit’ is not far behind.
  6. talk
    Review Tron: Legacy in One SentenceA worthy sequel, or not so much?
  7. weekend box office
    Tron: Legacy Tops an Otherwise Weak Box Office WeekendTron wins the weekend, How Do You Know does the opposite.
  8. vulture lists
    The Worst Aging — and Backwards Aging — Movie TransformationsAl Pacino as an old Don Corleone, and a young Henry Winkler…
  9. close reading
    The Wackiest Descriptions of Jeff Bridges’s CGI-ed Face in Tron: Legacy“Rubbery Botox-android” and “animated death mask” among them.
  10. chat room
    Garrett Hedlund on Tron: Legacy, Country Strong, and Never Using Coinstar Again“I realized that my body has a lot of coals in there that I can burn if I find the fire for it.”
  11. talk
    Is Anyone Really Nostalgic About Tron?The paranoid computer-based adventure of your childhood dreams and fantasies, right?
  12. clickables
    See the Extremely Nerdy Tron-Inspired Playboy PhotosNSFW, of course.
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    Watch Little Tron Girl, an Adorable and Faithful Reenactment“I’m in the computer!”
  14. clickables
    See the Awesome Tron-Inspired Room in a Swedish Ice HotelIt’s geektastic.
  15. clickables
    See a Fake iPod Commercial From the Director of Tron: LegacyThis mock ad — which envisions an iPod that put the user into a scene from ‘The Shining’ — helped get Joseph Kosinski the gig helming ‘Tron.’
  16. clickables
    Watch a Trippy Tron: Legacy Projection Light ShowLasers and light cycles!
  17. radio vulture
    Daft Punk Bursts the Tron BubbleDaft Punk + ‘Tron’ was a perfect combination — until we heard the soundtrack.
  18. chat room
    Tron: Legacy Director Joseph Kosinski on Private Freak-Outs and the Special Effect That’s Not Quite 100 Percent“It’s a three-and-a-half-year commitment to do a movie like this. It is a little insane how long it takes.”
  19. leak of the week
    Leaked: Daft Punk’s Tron Score Won’t Be Playing Much at Our HouseYou’d better sit down for this (you won’t be dancing anyway).
  20. clickables
    Watch a Tron Legacy Clip Featuring Sexy SirensThey don’t wait for you to take your clothes off.
  21. clickables
    Hear Six Minutes of Daft Punk’s Tron: Legacy SoundtrackWith a nice cameo from the ‘Inception’ horn.
  22. clickables
    See the Newest Tron: Legacy TrailerThis latest installment features fembots, giant laser-ish dragonflies, and a healthy dose of Olivia Wilde.
  23. tron night
    Tron: Legacy Has Already Inspired a TV ShowStarring Elijah Wood.
  24. chat room
    Pixar’s Lee Unkrich and Darla K. Anderson on Toy Story 3’s Reviews, Oscar Campaign, and Sequel Chances“It’s called fear-based filmmaking. The release date looms and our reputation precedes us and so we’re kind of frightened of screwing up.”
  25. tron night
    Will Tron: Legacy Be 2010’s Most Solemn Blockbuster?Vulture’s take on the twenty minutes of footage that will be screening at ‘Tron’ Night.
  26. movies
    Who Wants Some Super-Expensive Tron Legacy Couture?Painful-looking stilettos can enhance your moviegoing experience and destroy your pocketbook.
  27. movies
    Tron Legacy to Get the Avatar Sneak Peek TreatmentOn October 28, IMAX 3-D theaters will screen over twenty minutes of footage from the film.
  28. tron legacy
    Daft Punk’s Tron Soundtrack Coming in NovemberOn November 22, before ‘Tron: Legacy’s December 17 release.
  29. movies
    Watch Daft Tron: A Daft Punk, Tron, and Tron: Legacy RemixThis one should tide the ‘Tron’ enthusiasts over for about 133 seconds.
  30. music
    Hear the Entire Leaked Daft Punk Tron: Legacy SoundtrackQuickly, because it’s likely to be pulled down.
  31. music
    Hear Ten Minutes of Daft Punk’s Tron: Legacy SoundtrackSnippets of the score from throughout the movie.
  32. music
    Hear a Preview of Daft Punk’s Tron SoundtrackStream six massive instrumental tracks.
  33. comic-con 2010
    Tron: Legacy at Comic-Con, with Young Jeff BridgesJeff Bridges looks 35 again, thanks to technology.
  34. pixar
    Pixar Fixes Muppet MovieThe makers of the Muppets movie had a table read with the world’s best studio yesterday.
  35. Movie Marketers: Enough With the Fake GraffitiSick of having their billboards defaced with profanities and gang symbols, movie studios are now producing their billboards pre-vandalized.
  36. tron legacy
    Months Ahead of Tron’s Release, Production on Sequel Already Under WayDisney’s clearly feeling confident about this one.
  37. trailer mix
    Tron Legacy Trailer Could Maybe Use More Daft PunkSeems a bit dour for a movie that will probably be a lot of dumb fun.
  38. robots
    Daft Punk Give You a Second Daft Punk–Related Reason to See Tron 2The French disco robots will have cameo roles in next year’s ‘Tron Legacy,’ claims Olivia Wilde, one of the film’s human stars.
  39. the industry
    Tyler Perry to Make MoviePlus: Spike Lee co-signs ‘County of Kings.’
  40. robots
    Is This Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy Theme?Maybe!