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  1. close reads
    Emily in Paris’s Biggest Faux Pas Is Emily HerselfAmid the show’s many indulgent clichés about French life, its take on the American-in-Paris trope rings even more hollow.
  2. rom-coms
    Every Rom-Com Trope Called Out in Isn’t It RomanticIncluding timeworn favorites like “everyone is hot” and “clumsy women are adorable.”
  3. gripes
    TV Witches, Please Stop Slicing Your Palms Open for Blood MagicForget about spell-casting. How do you even treat a wound like that?
  4. Do Androids Dream of Colossal Women?On Blade Runner 2049, and why we keep imagining a future where our cities play host to gigantic, nude, nameless women.
  5. tropes
    How Stranger Things Subverts the ‘Douchebag Boyfriend’ ’80s-Movie TropeWhen it comes to the show’s teen love triangle, it becomes more about subverting classic ‘80s tropes than honoring them.
  6. secret history of television
    ‘The Secret History of Television’: Why Bottle Episodes Make Great TelevisionA new examination by “Vulture’s Secret History of Television.”
  7. secret history of television
    Inside TV’s Secret History of Last-Ditch Efforts to Keep Shows CuteThe first installment of “Vulture’s Secret History of Television”!
  8. On ‘Zoidbergs’There’s a new sitcom archetype. Though it has roots in classic television, this specific characterization has become especially prevalent in […]
  9. tropes
    The 9 Most Tilda Swinton Moments in This Tilda Swinton Profile“My tropes are dogs and eggs.”
  10. glossary
    Your Guide to the Many Mysterious Reference Points of the Lana Del Rey UniverseA starter guide to the complete Lanaverse.
  11. tropes
    Watch Judy Greer Spoof Her Rom-Com BFF Status“Judy Greer never fails at finding love … for everyone else.”
  12. groan
    It’s Time to Retire Dirty Dancing JokesGuess what? We’re putting Baby in a corner.
  13. tropes
    Sad-Sack Comedians + Manic Pixie Dream Girls: A Rom-com TemplateThe new movie Seeking a Friend for the End of the World hits some familiar beats.
  14. sitcoms
    Watch a Mash-Up of the 50 Best ‘Very Special’ Episodes “I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so … scared!”
  15. cliche watch
    Ten Tropes We Never Want to See on TV Ever AgainOh man, nursery school applications! How hectic and wild!
  16. r&b
    See a Supercut of Male R&B Singers Pleading for Your LoveThe trope of men pleading for a woman’s love (and sometimes overusing the word “crazy”) in the process is alive and well in this supercut.