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Trouble With The Curve

  1. Three Films Tie for No. 1 in Weak B.O. WeekendEnd of Watch, Trouble With the Curve, and House at the End of the Street.
  2. box office zilch
    Dredd 3D Had a Disastrous Opening WeekendMeanwhile, Clint Eastwood’s baseball movie did alright. 
  3. david edelstein
    Movie Review: Trouble With the CurveEastwood plays an aging baseball scout in this formulaic drama.
  4. trailer mix
    Clint Eastwood’s Trouble With the Curve TrailerIs it a home run?
  5. trouble with the curve
    See Stills From Trouble With the CurvePlay ball!
  6. casting couch
    Clint Eastwood’s Return to Acting Will Feature a Guy from Piranha 3-DDIt’s Matt Bush. You know, Matt Bush? C’mon.
  7. Justin Timberlake Joins Clint Eastwood FilmAs a potential love interest for Amy Adams.
  8. movies
    Clint Eastwood in Talks to Act AgainHe just wasn’t made for retirement.