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  1. vulture festival la
    We Almost Lived in a World Where Benedict Cumberbatch Played Bill on True BloodAnd Jessica Chastain auditioned for the role of Sookie.
  2. vulture festival la
    Jim Carrey and Rachel Bloom Added to Vulture Festival LA Presented by AT&TIn its second year, Vulture Festival LA Presented by AT&T will include a Scrubs reunion, Constance Wu, Busy Philipps, and so much more.
  3. deaths
    Nelsan Ellis’s Family Shares His Cause of Death to Help People With AddictionsThe True Blood actor died of heart failure related to complications from alcohol withdrawal.
  4. obituaries
    True Blood Family Mourns the Death of Nelsan Ellis: ‘I Am Heartbroken’“I am speechless … ”
  5. obituaries
    Nelsan Ellis, Star of True Blood, Has Died at Age 39Ellis gave an indelible performance on the HBO drama as gay short-order cook Lafayette Reynolds.
  6. hborgies
    Westworld’s Orgy Is a Reminder That You’re Watching HBOIt’s not TV, clearly.
  7. trailer mix
    Midnight, Texas Trailer: Texan True Blood Population: every kind of weirdo that comes to mind.
  8. musicals
    True Blood Might Become a Broadway MusicalBecause vampire sex is just that lyrical.
  9. series finales
    Lafayette Deserved Better From True Blood’s Series FinaleThat’s it? For the best character on the show?
  10. vulture quiz
    How Well Do You Know These 50 True Blood Characters?Do you just know these past and current denizens of Bon Temps, or do you really, really know them?
  11. chat room
    Nelsan Ellis on Saying Good-bye to True Blood“I’m going to miss seven years of a family. That’s the thing I’m going to lose.”
  12. last wishes
    We Deserve One More Sookie-and-Eric Sex Scene on True BloodIsn’t that what True Blood is for?
  13. gone too soon
    In Memoriam: TV Shows and Characters We Lost in 2012Grab the tissues!
  14. chat room
    Carrie Preston on Today’s Complicated Dildos“Most of them have all these appendages … I just wanted a phallic symbol.”
  15. most devoted fans
    Get a Badge for All 25 of Vulture’s Most Devoted Fan BasesGet icons for all 25 movies, TV shows, bands, and people from our Most Devoted Fans list for your desktop pattern or Facebook and Twitter profile.
  16. vulture lists
    The 25 Most Devoted Fan BasesBieber, Lord of the Rings, Community, Neil Gaiman: Whose followers are the most impassioned?
  17. chat room
    Denis O’Hare on True Blood’s Season Five Finale“Vampires get bored after they stay alive a long time … who is there left to meet — Mitt Romney?”
  18. overnights
    True Blood Recap: There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed a FlyBloodbath doesn’t seem fitting enough a term for this unusually high-body-count season finale.
  19. season finales
    True Blood Has Shape-shifted Into Its Own Multiple SpinoffsRemember when this show was about a love triangle?
  20. overnights
    True Blood Recap: Lilith FairIn this season’s penultimate episode, we finally got an intervention on behalf of the U.S. government.
  21. overnights
    True Blood Recap: The Dead Fairy ScrollsLots going on this week, although it was sorely lacking in butt-revealing karate.
  22. True Blood Recap: Enter the Cheeto DragonWe’re getting closer and closer to the end of the season, so we’re seeing some of the story lines get nicely wrapped up.
  23. chat room
    Ryan Kwanten Defends Jason Stackhouse, Sort Of “I see him more as simple than dumb.”
  24. overnights
    True Blood Recap: Where’s Warlow?It’s good that we’re moving away from the whole Lillith thing.
  25. overnights
    True Blood Recap: Don’t Have a Cow in the Biblical SenseWell, this episode was certainly action-packed, we’ll say that much for it.
  26. true blood
    Watch an Extended Trailer for True BloodSpoiler alert: Stuff still happens!
  27. overnights
    True Blood Recap: Russell and RomanThis was a banner week for celebrity guest stars on True Blood.
  28. True Blood Recap: Easy on the Peach SchnappsReligious fanatics versus sexy, ineffectual ideologues? Please keep your Sorkin peanut butter out of our Ball chocolate, HBO.
  29. true blood
    Hear Iggy Pop’s ‘Let’s Boot and Rally’It’s not music. It’s HBO music.
  30. renewals
    HBO Renews Newsroom, True BloodCue the CNN health-care jokes.
  31. True Blood Recap: Please Send More Invisible Bottle ServiceEvery week we swear that we’re going to stop looking for an ordered universe within True Blood, and just relax and enjoy the sex gore.
  32. chat room
    Kristin Bauer van Straten on True BloodShe’d like a signed sock, please.
  33. vampires
    Chris Meloni on Trading His SVU Badge for True Blood FangsEveryone still wants to shake his hand.
  34. ratings
    The Newsroom’s Gender-Gap ProblemGuys, yes. Gals, meh.
  35. chat room
    Joe Manganiello on Magic Mike, Gold Thongs, and His Surreal Press Tour“At this point in my life, we’re beyond the bucket list.”
  36. chat room
    True Blood’s Valentina Cervi on Vampire SexSookie who?
  37. True Blood Recap: The Least Believable Whorehouse in San FranciscoMany jokes were made at the expense of iPhones, texting, and Facebook.
  38. overnights
    True Blood Recap: A Little Ditty ’Bout Dieter and PamTrue Blood’s writers are really bringing it this season, if only in terms of pure Bonkers Quotient.
  39. chat room
    True Blood’s Jessica Talks Jason Stackhouse“It’s going to take a lot of healing before they can move forward as a couple.” 
  40. vampires
    Rick Santorum Inspired This Season of True BloodIs that why it’s so terrible?
  41. precaps
    Vulture Precaps: Girls, True BloodWhat happened last week, what’s happened since, and what to look for tonight.
  42. casting couch
    True Blood Adds Robert Patrick As Alcide’s DadMore backstory!
  43. crackpot theories
    The Lafayette Theory of True BloodWhen his story lines are good, the show is good. Otherwise …
  44. ratings
    The Tonys Were No Match for True BloodLowest ratings ever among folks under 50.
  45. chat room
    True Blood’s Rutina Wesley on Tara’s Big Twist“It was very hard to keep the secret, but I’ve learned over the past four years to become good at that.”
  46. overnights
    True Blood Recap: Just Go With ItSometimes a show goes so off the rails that being off the rails becomes the point. Thus, True Blood, season five.
  47. precaps
    Precaps: True Blood, Girls, Mad Men, VeepWhat happened last week (or last season), what’s happened since, and what to look for tonight.
  48. season premieres
    A Quick Refresher on Who Is Dead on True BloodAnd who is dead dead and undead, etc.
  49. true blood
    Check Out Some True Blood Cake PopsBut do they bleed chocolate syrup?
  50. true blood
    Watch Some New Scenes From True BloodBon Temps welcomes you.
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