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True Detective Season Two

  1. unpopular opinions
    In Defense of True Detective Season TwoMaybe it wasn’t so bad after all.
  2. the industry
    True Detective: Assessing the DamageAnd what might happen behind the scenes of a potential third season.
  3. close reads
    The Modern Noir Has Atrophied (and It’s Not All True Detective’s Fault)All style and no substance.
  4. close reads
    True Detective: What Went WrongI defended it at first, but after a while I had to stop because it was making a fool of me.
  5. chadvelcoro@gmail.com
    Let’s Talk About True Detective’s Season Two FinaleSo bad it’s good?
  6. close reads
    The David Lynchian Overtones of True Detective’s Second SeasonThe man is everywhere.
  7. true detective
    The Real-Life Town That Inspired True Detective Season TwoMeet Vernon, California, an incorporated community where corruption charges outnumber people.